Regulation of the healthcare system isn’t perfect. Studies may show a link between a drug and a side effect, but the risk won’t appear on the label without direct causation. Manufacturers pay doctors “consulting” fees to overprescribe brand-name drugs, and frequent advertising encourages people to put in requests for medications they may not need.

The medical industry, meant to provide the public service of health care, is a for-profit endeavor. Drug companies constantly try to expand the approved uses of their products and engage in illegal off-label marketing. Pharmaceutical companies prioritize profits, and it’s the consumer who gets hurt in the process.

People who suffer from medical side effects often pay a high price. Constant trips to the pharmacy, visits to specialists, repeated misdiagnoses, revision surgeries, and unexpected hospitalizations add up. And that doesn’t include money spent on treatments that caused initial injury.

The nature of the health care industry has allowed medical injuries to become increasingly common, and most people don’t realize that they’re able to be compensated for harm that’s been done. In some cases, people are aware of consumer advocacy lawsuits, but feel a sense of distrust accepting legal support.

When it comes to finding an attorney to represent your case, a lot of factors come into play. Attorneys may only take cases that fit specific criteria, such as prescription or surgery dates, number of revisions or warning status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For some, even gender and age can be factor.

Through our efforts to inform and support the public, we’ve built relationships with attorneys specializing in consumer rights. If you’re comfortable, you can share your information with one of our advocates, who will work to find a trusted firm to take your case. All of the firms we have worked with are based on contingency, and you’ll pay no fees unless a settlement is reached on your behalf.

If you’re looking for avenues to fund your medical care, we may be able to help.