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Your health is an investment, not an expense. At MedTruth, we know self-care can be exceptionally difficult, but it can start with simply knowing how to live optimally for your wellbeing. Our women’s health articles cover menopause, pregnancy, ovarian cancer and other topics related to people with vulvas. Be informed for you.

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Photo of woman frowning because females face gender bias in health care.

How Gender Bias in Health Care Affects W...

Nicole Knight · October 19, 2018

Research is finally revealing how gender bias in health care affects the diagnosis and treatment of women’s chronic pain and other medical issues.

Women's Health
An illustration of a female scientist after learning that women are underrepresented in medical research and gender disparity impacts medical studies.

Fewer Women Included in Clinical Trials,...

Nicole Knight · June 14, 2019

Science shows the immune systems of men and women respond differently to disease. However, women remain underrepresented in medical research for vaccines, routine drugs and life-saving medications.

An abstract photo of a girl indicating women's health signs

9 Key Women's Health Signs to Watch

S. Nicole Lane · February 4, 2019

Breast changes, weight gain and bloating may all be symptoms of a greater issue. If you're experiencing any of these women's health signs, it may be time to visit a physician.

Women's Health

AUTHOR MISSING · January 1, 1970

Image of a woman holding her pelvic area in pain, due to toxic metals from Essure side effects.

Toxic Metal Elements Potentially Linked to Essure Side Effects

T.J. La · August 12, 2020

A French study found metal particles in the bodies of women with Essure implants, which may be due to corrosion of the device.

Women's Health