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Birth Control

Illustration of a birth control pill packet labeled How to quit the Pill.

How to Quit the Birth Control Pill

Annie Simon · September 29, 2020

This guide explains how hormonal birth control affects your body and the side effects that may happen when you stop taking it, as well as lifestyle changes to help support your body’s adjustment to its natural cycle.

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Photo of copper IUD to represent the female patients reporting cobalt toxicity from IUD contraceptive.

Patients Poisoned by Copper Toxicity Describe Neurological Impacts of IUD

S. Nicole Lane · January 13, 2020

Patients who suffered copper toxicity from IUD contraceptives recount the adverse mental health impacts they experienced, raising concern surrounding the safety of such devices.

Patient Stories
Illustration of IUD

Five Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Getting an IUD

Tess Francke · October 17, 2019

There are many options women consider when exploring birth control methods. Here are the questions you should ask your doctor when considering getting an IUD.

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Photo of couple laying in bed discussing the Natural Cycles App.

Can the Natural Cycles App Turn Your Smartphone Into Safe, Reliable Birth Control?

Carah Wertheimer · April 2, 2019

The Natural Cycles App, the first non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical digital birth control, sure sounds good. Available for Android and iPhones, the app is 93 percent effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and can be used for pregnancy planning, to the tune of $99.99 per annual subscription.  There are no known side effects.

Woman laying on bed, female condom birth control

The Female Condom Explained: Non-Hormonal Contraceptive

Ashley Lombardo · May 30, 2018

The female condom is similar to male condoms, and it offers many of the same benefits—but it can be hard to come by.

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