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Talcum powder has been associated with ovarian cancer and potential contamination complications

Talcum is a naturally occurring, fine white substance. It’s a combination of minerals, such as magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and hydrogen. As a powder, talcum is primarily used as a drying agent. It can be found in a number of everyday items, like body and shower products, feminine hygiene formulas and women’s cosmetics. Johnson’s Baby Powder is among the most widely used talcum powder product on the market. 

Johnson’s Baby Powder is dusted on the genitals of women and babies to absorb moisture, treat diaper rash, mask vaginal odor and reduce chafing in sensitive areas. The manufacturer recommends sprinkling it on babies after “every bath and diaper change,” and on your own body “anytime you want skin to feel soft, fresh, and comfortable.” 

Johnson & Johnson (J&J)™ worked to build talcum’s reputation as a safe and effective hygiene method for decades. Family-friendly ads, sometimes specifically targeted to women of color, presented the product as “the kindest powder in the world,” perfect for mom, dad and of course, baby. But the truth isn’t so kind. 

Johnson’s Baby Powder is a major commodity for the sixth-largest consumer health company in the world. More than 40 years ago, scientific studies linked talcum, its main ingredient, to ovarian cancer. Until recently, the data has remained buried under the Baby Powder fortune. And because of that, many long-term users will learn of the risks only after receiving a life-changing talcum powder cancer diagnosis.

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Side effects

Talcum powder has been linked with complications related to contamination with asbestos. These contaminants have led to ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, and numerous health issues.

Legal actions

Thousands of plaintiffs have filed complaints for the misconduct of Johnson & Johnson. Despite denying for decades that their product has ever been contaminated and dismissing claims of harm as junk science, in April 2020, Judge Freda L Wolfson concluded a 9-month scientific examination of the evidence known as a Daubert Hearing. This hearing found that the findings of plaintiff experts were scientifically valid.

On Jun 23, 2020, Johnson & Johnson was sentenced with a $2.1 billion verdict by a jury and despite appealing the verdict to the Missouri supreme court they failed to overturn the verdict. This case is now being petitioned before the supreme court.

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    What to Expect

    Patients who have suffered from a dangerous product can be overwhelmed by the possibilities a lawsuit may bring. After seeking legal counsel patients can expect to be interviewed in the weeks following their submission where their case is reviewed by an expert.

    If the case fits the firm’s criteria, the case can be accepted and the long road to recovery can begin. During the periods of discovery and pretrial motions, the patient may be consulted to provide their testimony or not consulted at all. Following these events, the patient will likely not need to contribute to the case unless it is to weigh in on whether to accept a settlement.  

    The firms that MedTruth partners with will not require an up-front fee, but will instead work on contingency, only taking payment from the verdict or settlement that is won or taking nothing at all. While these cases may last years, patients are advised not to sign with other firms as the ongoing case is still being handled by their current law firm. Patients unsure about the status of their case can call their firm for updates periodically. For this reason, it is suggested that after having their case taken, patients should record the information about their case and firm in a safe place.

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    While MedTruth is not funded or operated by law firms, as an advocacy resource we are not neutral either: we will seek to inform patients about the legal actions taken against negligent corporations and to lead patients seeking justice to those who can provide it. While awareness of side effects and harmful products is the first step, MedTruth stands firmly with the idea that every wronged patient deserves their day in court.

    Putting that ideal into action, MedTruth has forged connections with top law firms in order to put harmed patients on the path to justice. These firms do not influence MedTruth’s editorial direction; rather, they are one of a myriad of tools that allows MedTruth to realize its mission through concrete actions. MedTruth strives to be the intersection of patient adfocacy, news information and legal action. These three pillars are delicately balanced to ensure that all itnerests are represented.

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