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Woman taking opioid pills representing Walgreens Opioid Lawsuit Settled For $683 Million.

Walgreens Opioid Lawsuit Settled For $683 Million

MedTruth Editors · May 11, 2022

The state of Florida has reached a settlement with Walgreens over the drug store’s alleged role in contributing to the opioid epidemic.

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Illustration of a woman holding arm of a man with Alzheimer's representing the new diagnostic test that has been FDA approved for marketing.

FDA Approves Marketing of New Alzheimer's Test

MedTruth Editors · May 11, 2022

A new diagnostic test for Azlheimer's detection has been FDA-approved for marketing.

FDA Regulation
A man with hearing loss holding his ear representing a veteran awarded $2.2 million in 3M earplug trial.

Veteran Awarded $2.2 Million in 3M Earplug Trial

MedTruth Editors · May 10, 2022

This is 3M's ninth trial loss in 15 bellwether trials alleging that defective military earplugs cause hearing damage and tinnitus.

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People on a bus wearing face masks representing Limited PFAS Levels in Face Masks

Study Finds Limited PFAS Levels in Face Masks

MedTruth Editors · May 9, 2022

Researchers found eight of the nine masks tested did not exceed safe PFAS exposure levels.

Research + Findings
Ethicon headquarters sign in front of building representing the company's surgical mesh appeal loss.

Ethicon Loses $300 Million Surgical Mesh Appeal

MedTruth Editors · May 6, 2022

The company must pay over $300 million to California for misleading marketing practices regarding transvaginal mesh products.

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Image of a man smoking a cigarette representing FDA proposing a ban on flavored tobacco products.

FDA Proposes Flavored Tobacco Products Ban

MedTruth Editors · May 5, 2022

These bans have the potential to significantly decrease the rates of disease and death caused by burned tobacco products.

FDA Regulation
Image of the San Francisco bay representing Monsanto allegedly hiding PCB environmental and health information for profit.

Bay Area Cities Sue Monsanto Over PCB Cleanup Costs

MedTruth Editors · May 4, 2022

Monsanto allegedly knew about the environmental and health hazards of PCBs but hid this information for its own profit.

Image of a person in a lab holding pill bottle with white pills representing fake covid drug manufacturers.

Fake Covid Drug Manufacturers Face FDA Action

MedTruth Editors · May 3, 2022

These latest actions are part of a continued effort to crack down on unapproved, untested, or ineffective treatments for Covid-19 being sold to consumers.

FDA Regulation
Image of asbestos particles in tweezers representing the EPA final asbestos ban.

EPA Proposes Final Asbestos Ban

MedTruth Editors · April 29, 2022

The proposal would ban the importation of the last type of asbestos currently able to be brought into the US.

Illustration of doctor holding pills and patient holding pill representing the new FDA opioid safety initiative.

FDA Proposes New Opioid Safety Initiative

MedTruth Editors · April 28, 2022

This new initiative would provide another avenue to traditional opioid disposal methods.

FDA Regulation
Image of a person spraying basil representing a Roundup judge criticizing proposed false advertising settlement.

Roundup Judge Criticizes Proposed False Advertising Settlement

MedTruth Editors · April 27, 2022

The settlement would provide payments to consumers who purchased certain Roundup products and resolve a lawsuit claiming that Monsanto failed to warn users.

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Illustration of a woman wearing mask with covid particles around her representing the covid breath test.

FDA Authorizes First COVID-19 Breath Test

MedTruth Editors · April 26, 2022

This breath test provides highly accurate COVID-19 test results in a shorter timeframe than traditional PCR tests.

Person in suit calculating fees representing a judge denying 3M’s Fee Acceleration Motion for earplug plaintiffs.

Judge Denies 3M’s Fee Acceleration Motion For Earplug Plaintiffs

MedTruth Editors · April 22, 2022

3M argued that a court decision that waived the administrative docket’s $402 per claim filing fee has ballooned the number of defective earplug claims.

Legal Developments
Doctors looking at brain scan representing the FDA Cybersecurity Guidance For Medical Devices.

FDA Issues Cybersecurity Guidance For Medical Devices

MedTruth Editors · April 21, 2022

Attacks from cybercriminals have rendered entire hospital networks powerless and have led to delays in diagnosis, delays in treatment, and increases in patient harm.

FDA Regulation
St Louis park bench and grass representing Bayer settling Roundup cancer claims.

Bayer Settles Dozens of Roundup Cancer Claims

MedTruth Editors · April 20, 2022

In March, Bayer announced that of approximately 138,000 cancer claims filed by individuals, 107,000 had been resolved or deemed ineligible.

Legal Developments
Empty courtroom representing the opioid MDL growth halted.

Opioid MDL Growth Halted

MedTruth Editors · April 19, 2022

The window to join the massive MDL in Northern Ohio has been officially closed by the JPML.

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Woman holding a round white pill representing the Sandoz Muscle Pain Pill recall.

Sandoz Recalls Potentially Carcinogenic Muscle Pain Pills

MedTruth Editors · April 15, 2022

The recall affects 13 lots of the muscle pain and spasm drug Orphenadrine Citrate.

Doctor holding vial of sotrovimab for covid-19 treatment representing the FDA rescinding its emergency use authorization.

FDA Rescinds Covid Drug Authorization

MedTruth Editors · April 14, 2022

Sotrovimab is an intravenous monoclonal antibody medication originally authorized for treating Covid-19.

FDA Regulation
Judge holding gavel representing the J&J talc bankruptcy appeals granted.

Judge Grants Fast-Track Appeal of J&J’s Talc Bankruptcy

MedTruth Editors · April 13, 2022

Judge Kaplan allowed plaintiffs who have alleged that J&J’s asbestos-contaminated talc products caused them to develop cancer to appeal his ruling

Legal Developments
Illustration of drug cabinet representing FDA warning letters to covid drug makers.

FDA Issues Warning to Unauthorized COVID Drug Makers

MedTruth Editors · April 12, 2022

Two companies that claim to make drugs that cure Covid-19 have been sent FDA warning letters.

FDA Regulation
Military veteran at the doctor representing the 13th military earplug trial.

13th Military Earplug Trial Returns $50 Million Plaintiff Verdict

MedTruth Editors · April 8, 2022

The trial concluded that the military veteran developed hearing loss and severe tinnitus because of 3M’s negligence.

Legal Developments
Woman using an e-cigarette representing the FDA rulings on vape products.

FDA Issues Rulings on E-Cigarette Products

MedTruth Editors · April 7, 2022

The FDA has been reviewing millions of E-cigarette products, approving ones that are likely to assist adult smokers looking to reduce or eliminate their combustible cigarette use.

FDA Regulation
Hand holding pink pills representing Pfizer recalling blood pressure drug Accuretic.

Pfizer Recalls Blood Pressure Drug

MedTruth Editors · April 6, 2022

Pfizer detected a potentially carcinogenic compound in the blood pressure lowering drug Accuretic.

French fries in a fryer representing the court ruling that there is not enough evidence acrylamide causes cancer.

Acrylamide Lawsuits Halted Over Inconclusive Cancer Claims

MedTruth Editors · March 31, 2022

The federal court ruled that there is not enough evidence proving that acrylamide, a substance that’s formed during the heating process of certain foods, causes cancer.

Person spraying tree with Roundup weedkiller representing Bayer petitioning a Roundup case.

Bayer Brings Second Roundup Verdict Petition to Supreme Court

MedTruth Editors · March 30, 2022

The company behind Roundup weedkiller, which thousands claim caused their cancer, is petitioning the nation’s high court to review a Roundup case for the second time.

Legal Developments
Nurse using a ventilator machine representing the Philips ventilator recall for adhesive defect.

FDA Recalls Ventilators For Adhesive Defect

MedTruth Editors · March 29, 2022

Philips Respironics’ ventilators could stop functioning without warning or notification, potentially leading to patient deaths.

FDA Regulation
Image of the LA River representing Monsanto failing to issue warnings about PCBS in the waterways.

Los Angeles Sues Monsanto Over PCBs in City Waterways

MedTruth Editors · March 25, 2022

Los Angeles is accusing Monsanto of failing to issue a warning to the city about the hazards PCBs.

A mom giving inhaler to daughter representing the generic version of Symbicort approved by the FDA for asthma and COPD.

FDA Approves First Generic Version of Symbicort

MedTruth Editors · March 24, 2022

Generic drugs help to improve accessibility of affordable medicine. Generic Symbicort will provide greater options for treatment to those with asthma and COPD.

FDA Regulation
A prison inmate with handcuffs representing the asbestos experiment conducted by J&J.

J&J Tested Asbestos On Inmates, Unsealed Docs Reveal

MedTruth Editors · March 23, 2022

The company hired a doctor to test the effects of asbestos on the inmates’ skin against the effects of talc.

A woman using a CPAP machine in the hospital representing the Philips CPAP foam recall.

FDA Orders Phillips To Issue CPAP Warnings

MedTruth Editors · March 22, 2022

Some Philips CPAP and BiPAP machines use a foam that may break down and cause serious injury.

FDA Regulation
3-D illustration of a hip implant representing the hip replacement MDL.

Smith & Nephew Hip Implant MDL Claims Reduced

MedTruth Editors · March 18, 2022

Plaintiffs in the MDL all underwent hip resurfacing surgery with metal-on-metal implants.

Legal Developments
Bankruptcy legal books on a shelf representing the J&J bankruptcy case sparking legislation movement.

J&J Talc Bankruptcy Sparks Legislation Movement

MedTruth Editors · March 17, 2022

Attorneys and senators have come forth to suggest changes be made to the legislation surrounding bankruptcy law.

Laws + Congress
A woman taking a pill representing the Chantix class action dismissed.

Chantix Carcinogen Class Action Dismissed

MedTruth Editors · March 16, 2022

The complaint accused Pfizer of misrepresenting the safety of the drug to consumers by failing to properly test Chantix despite warnings from regulators.

Men in suits shaking hands representing the Sackler Family opioid deal.

New Opioid Plan Increases Penalties for Sacklers

MedTruth Editors · March 15, 2022

A deal has been reached between the Sackler Family and the nine remaining states in the nationwide opioid settlement.

Legal Developments
A judge using gavel in courtroom representing IVC filter litigation in Indiana.

Cook Medical IVC Filter Litigation Makes History in Indiana

MedTruth Editors · March 11, 2022

Retrievable IVC filters should be removed, but many are left in the body, and can cause bodily damage and pain.

White pills in a hand representing drugmakers losing their request to pause opioid litigation.

Drugmakers Lose Push to Pause Opioid Litigation

MedTruth Editors · March 10, 2022

Opioid litigation will continue after a judge rejected drug manufacturers' request for a pause.

Legal Developments
Image of a military veteran in pain talking to nurse representing the 3M military earplug trials.

3M Appeals First Military Earplug Trial Loss

MedTruth Editors · March 9, 2022

The company behind the military earplugs that allegedly cause hearing loss is urging the appeals court to bring an end to litigation.

Legal Developments
Illustration of bankruptcy law-related objects, representing the bankruptcy court approving J&J's talcum powder case with its new entity.

Bankruptcy Court Approves J&J Talc Case

MedTruth Editors · March 8, 2022

The judge is allowing Johnson & Johnson to move forward with the bankruptcy process for the company's new entity, LTL Management.

Legal Developments
Image of a Wall Street financial analyst representing 3M's legal costs.

Investors Predict 3M Financial Woes May Increase

MedTruth Editors · March 4, 2022

The current expected legal cost amounts to $33 billion. Analysts predict this number to be much higher for 3M.

Image of an elderly man clutching his chest representing the new heart disease drug.

FDA Approves New Heart Disease Treatment

MedTruth Editors · March 3, 2022

This new heart medication adds another treatment option to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization due to heart failure.

FDA Regulation
Image of a woman with a pill bottle representing the first Zantac lawsuits taking place in CA.

CA State Court Hears Zantac Lawsuits in October

MedTruth Editors · March 2, 2022

California will hold the first Zantac lawsuits in October of this year. Defendants are accused of failing to warn users about the drug's potential link to cancer.

Legal Developments
Image of powdered baby formula representing the FDA recall from a Michigan facility.

Baby Formula Recalled by FDA

MedTruth Editors · March 1, 2022

Baby formula from a Michigan facility may be contaminated and has the potential to cause disease in infants.

Image of a man putting in eye drops representing the FDA approving a generic dry eye drug.

FDA Approves Generic Dry Eye Drug

MedTruth Editors · February 28, 2022

A generic form of Restasis has been FDA-approved for those suffering from dry eye. The drug increases the production of tears.

Image of a woman doing an at-home Covid nasal swab test representing the FDA recall of two covid tests.

FDA Recalls Fraudulent Covid Tests

MedTruth Editors · February 25, 2022

Two Covid tests labeled as FDA-approved have been recalled. The FDA recommends retesting with an authorized test and reporting any false results.

FDA Regulation
Image of a veteran and his wife representing veterans hearing loss bill.

VA Hearing Loss Bill Would Reduce Red Tape for Treatment

MedTruth Editors · February 22, 2022

The veteran has to prove that their damaged hearing was sustained during active duty, but many vets receive diagnoses after they have been discharged.

Image of the Texas flag representing the Teva opioid settlement.

Teva Settles Opioid Claims in Texas

MedTruth Editors · February 21, 2022

Teva will pay Texas $150 million in installments over the next 15 years to settle claims for the company's alleged role in the opioid epidemic.

Image of an elderly man and nurse representing Vaklury treatment approved by FDA for Covid-19.

FDA Approves Veklury For Covid-19

MedTruth Editors · February 18, 2022

The FDA has approved a generic form of Remdesivir for the treatment of Covid in non-hospitalized patients.

Image of a computer modeling lungs representing the FDA credibility of medical device models guidance.

FDA Requests Public Comment on Credibility of Medical Device Models

MedTruth Editors · February 17, 2022

The new guidance will be used to support medical devices in the submission processes for a number of FDA approvals and clearances.

FDA Regulation
Image of a woman with eye damage representing the Elmiron MDL lawsuit.

$10 Million Eye Damage Lawsuit Joins Elmiron MDL

MedTruth Editors · February 16, 2022

 Plaintiffs who allege that their vision has been damaged because of the drug all used Elmiron for many years.

Legal Developments
Image of a man looking at pill bottle representing the GSK, Valisure Zantac lawsuit.

Judge Blocks Discovery Request in Zantac Lawsuit

MedTruth Editors · February 15, 2022

GlaxoSmithKline will not be able to subpoena documents from plaintiffs in the Zantac multidistrict litigation.

Legal Developments
Image of a man with stomach pain in hospital bed representing hernia mesh victims moving for an MDL consolidation.

Hernia Mesh Victims Move for MDL Consolidation

MedTruth Editors · February 11, 2022

Because the patients’ claims are nearly identical, it would be inefficient to have the same discovery processes repeated in multiple courts.

Image of a woman in bed holding opioid pills representing the Native American tribes settling with opioid manufacturers.

Opioid Manufacturers Settle With Indigenous Tribes

MedTruth Editors · February 10, 2022

Indigenous tribes have reached a settlement with opioid manufacturers over their alleged role in the opioid crisis.

Legal Developments
Image of a veteran talking to a doctor representing hearing loss caused by 3M's military earplugs.

3M Blasted By $110 Million Military Earplug Verdict

MedTruth Editors · February 9, 2022

This award is the largest thus far in the largest federal mass tort in U.S. history.

Legal Developments
Image of a judge on laptop representing the talc committee motions declined by judge.

Judge Declines To Decide Talc Committee’s Motions

MedTruth Editors · February 8, 2022

Judge Freda L. Wolfson has declined to decide issues arising from the bankruptcy of J&J’s subsidiary, LTL Management.

Legal Developments
 Image of New Mexico at sunset representing J&J giving 44 million to resolve opioid claims.

New Mexico Receives $44 Million From J&J To Resolve Opioid Claims

MedTruth Editors · February 4, 2022

J&J will pay New Mexico for its role in fueling the opioid epidemic in the state.

Image of an FDA sign representing new FDA patient feedback guidance.

FDA Releases Patient Feedback Guidance

MedTruth Editors · February 3, 2022

The goal of these new guidances is to give patients and advocates a voice in the medical device process.

FDA Regulation
Image of a bald woman tying a headscarf representing Sanofi winning a Taxotere trial over hair loss claims.

Sanofi Wins Taxotere Trial Over Hair Loss Claims

MedTruth Editors · February 2, 2022

Over 12,000 individuals allege that the breast cancer drug Taxotere caused their permanent hair loss, and that manufacturer Sanofi was aware that this could be a side effect of the drug.

Legal Developments
Illustration of an atherectomy device representing the Medtronic recall.

FDA Recalls Medtronic Atherectomy Device

MedTruth Editors · February 1, 2022

Medtronic’s atherectomy system is a medical device used in surgical procedures to clear plaque from the walls of arteries that obstruct blood flow.

Illustration of judges in court representing Roundup attorneys possibly facing malpractice.

Roundup Attorneys May Face Malpractice Claims For Failing to Produce Experts

MedTruth Editors · January 28, 2022

Judge Chhabria’s order stated that plaintiffs must produce an expert to support their claim that Roundup caused their non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Legal Developments
Image of a patient under gas anesthesia representing the flow anesthesia recall.

FDA Recalls Anesthesia Component

MedTruth Editors · January 27, 2022

A flow anesthesia system provides inhaled anesthesia and controls the ventilation of patients with limited abilities to breathe.

Image of the White House representing the Supreme Court asking the Solicitor General about the Roundup cancer trial.

Supreme Court Asks Biden Admin To Weigh In on Roundup Appeal

MedTruth Editors · January 25, 2022

The U.S. Supreme Court asked the Solicitor General for the administration's views on the Roundup cancer trial that awarded plaintiff Edwin Hardeman $25 million.

Legal Developments
Image of a female doctor talking to a woman about test results representing the FDA's device guidance strategies for women.

FDA Releases Device Guidance Strategies For Women

MedTruth Editors · January 21, 2022

The CDRH Health of Women program aims to address the sex and gender disparity in medicine by including women in research and working to better understand their issues.

Women's Health
Image of a young child getting a COVID PCR test representing the FDA approved COVID tests.

FDA-Approved COVID Testing Roundup

MedTruth Editors · January 20, 2022

The FDA has updated the Emergency Use Authorization clearance status of various different types of COVID-19 diagnostic tests.

FDA Regulation
Image of a woman spraying Roundup representing a boy's Roundup cancer claims.

Bayer Settles Boy's Roundup Rare Cancer Claims

MedTruth Editors · January 19, 2022

A mother claims her son developed Burkitt’s lymphoma from years of Roundup exposure.

Legal Developments
Image of the Hudson River in New York representing Suez suing Dupont for PFAS contamination.

DuPont Avoids PFAS Lawsuit in New York

MedTruth Editors · January 18, 2022

Suez Water New York claims DuPont contaminated New York’s water supply with PFAS.

Legal Developments
Image of a veteran talking to a nurse representing the 3M military earplugs trials.

3M Wins Ninth & Tenth Earplug Bellwether Trials

MedTruth Editors · January 14, 2022

The results of the latest 3M military earplug trials have gone in favor of manufacturer 3M, deeming the company not liable for two veterans' loss of hearing.

Legal Developments
Image of a patient on a ventilator with nurses working on the device, representing the Medtronic recall.

FDA Recalls Medtronic Ventilators After Complaints and Death

MedTruth Editors · January 13, 2022

The ventilators have an error that can cause the devices to stop working as intended and become inoperable, which can lead to neurological injury and, if left unchecked, death.

FDA Regulation
Image of a judge holding a gavel representing the Purdue Pharma opioid settlement rejected.

Purdue Pharma Opioid Settlement Rejected By Judge

MedTruth Editors · January 12, 2022

Judge McMahon rejected the bankruptcy settlement plan that would have resolved thousands of opioid epidemic lawsuits against Purdue Pharma.

Legal Developments
Image of a person using an insulin pump representing FDA warning Medtronic over faulty 600 series MiniMed insulin pump.

FDA Warns Medtronic Over Faulty Insulin Pumps

MedTruth Editors · January 11, 2022

In an inspection of Medtronic’s firm, the FDA found four major failures in the facility’s insulin pump manufacturing practices.

FDA Regulation
Image of a man vaping a JUUL E-cigarette representing the forced arbitration lawsuit.

E-Cigarette Direct Purchasers Fight Forced Arbitration

MedTruth Editors · January 6, 2022

The lawsuit alleges that Juul Labs sold a 35% share of its company to the Altria Group as part of a conspiracy to push Altria out of the e-cigarette marketplace in a bid for supremacy over e-cigarette prices.

Legal Developments
Image of an army vet signing papers representing the 8th combat earplugs trial.

Army Vet Awarded $22.5 Million in 3M Combat Earplugs Trial

MedTruth Editors · January 5, 2022

A federal jury in Florida found that 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs were responsible for the Army vet’s hearing damage.

Legal Developments
Image of documents representing Ethicon accusing plaintiffs of concealing materials in hernia mesh case.

Ethicon Attorneys Accuse Plaintiffs of Concealing Materials

MedTruth Editors · January 4, 2022

Attorneys for Ethicon told a New Jersey federal court that it needs access to marketing documents used by several lead-generation companies for attorneys.

Legal Developments
Image of a metal-on-metal hip implant representing the whistleblower lawsuit dismissed.

Whistleblower Lawsuit Dismissed for Confidentiality Breach

MedTruth Editors · January 3, 2022

Two doctors claimed that the metal-on-metal hip implants of DePuy and J&J that were sold fell outside the FDA-approved manufacturing specifications.

Legal Developments
Image of an elderly couple looking at a bottle of opioids representing states urging judge to reject Purdue settlement.

States Urge Federal Judge To Reject Purdue Pharma Settlement

MedTruth Editors · December 16, 2021

A group of U.S. states is urging a federal judge to reject a settlement that may benefit Oxycontin maker Purdue Pharma.

Legal Developments
Image of a judge filling out paperwork representing the J&J talc lawsuit transferred to New Jersey.

J&J Talc Lawsuit Transfer to NJ Opens Suit to Dismissal

MedTruth Editors · December 15, 2021

After being transferred to New Jersey in November, J&J’s bankruptcy case may now meet fiercer resistance.

Legal Developments
Image of a JUUL sign representing the 19 plaintiffs thrown out of the MDL.

Plaintiffs in JUUL Lawsuit Thrown Out by Federal Judge

MedTruth Editors · December 14, 2021

The judge has thrown out 19 plaintiffs suing Juul Labs for injuries and deceitful marketing.

Legal Developments
Image of a woman using spray deodorant representing the P&G old spice and secret Benzene recall.

P&G Old Spice & Secret Products Recalled Over Benzene

MedTruth Editors · December 13, 2021

Old Spice men’s cologne and Secret deodorant aerosol cans were found to have detectable levels of benzene, a known human carcinogen that may cause cancer.

Illustration of a uterus and Paragard IUD representing the MDL proceeding to discovery phase.

Paragard MDL Proceeds to Discovery

MedTruth Editors · December 10, 2021

The Paragard case will be moving forward after overcoming a motion to dismiss.

Legal Developments
Image of researchers in a lab representing cancer researchers criticizing glyphosate approval in the EU.

Cancer Researchers Criticize Glyphosate Approval in the EU

MedTruth Editors · December 9, 2021

Europe’s leading cancer researchers are questioning the EU's decision to issue a positive safety review for glyphosate.

Research + Findings
Image of Walmart representing the opioid verdict.

Ohio Jury Finds Pharmacies Liable For Opioid Crisis

MedTruth Editors · December 7, 2021

This verdict comes as an upset to a streak of losses that counties have suffered across the nation.

Legal Developments
Image of a man spraying roundup weedkiller on grass.

California Couple’s $86 Million Roundup Award Refused Review

MedTruth Editors · December 6, 2021

Bayer petitioned to review the outcome of the third Roundup trial that resulted in a damage award of $86 million.

Legal Developments
Image of a man holding Risperdal pills representing the J&J settlement.

Johnson & Johnson Settles Most Risperdal Lawsuits

MedTruth Editors · December 3, 2021

Thousands of lawsuits alleged that Risperdal, an anti-psychotic medication, caused them to develop enlarged breast tissue.

Legal Developments
Image of a baby with baby formula representing Enfamil and Similac lawsuits.

Baby Formula Lawsuits Filed Against Enfamil and Similac

MedTruth Editors · December 2, 2021

Premature infants were fed baby formulas Enfamil and Similac may develop a serious condition known as necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC).

Image of Army soldiers representing the army vet awarded $13 million in 3M Earplug trial.

Army Vet Awarded $13 Million in 3M Earplug Trial

MedTruth Editors · November 30, 2021

Guillermo Camarillorazo, a sergeant who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, was awarded $13 million.

Legal Developments
Image of baby powder on a peach background representing talc advocates rejecting J&J settlement talks.

Talc Advocates Reject J&J Settlement Talks

MedTruth Editors · November 29, 2021

Johnson & Johnson will most likely have to wait until at least 2022 before it can restart to negotiate a resolution.

Legal Developments
Image of nursing home residents and worker representing a COVID outbreak at a nursing home.

Nursing Home Outbreak Kills 8, Infects Dozens

MedTruth Editors · November 23, 2021

In a COVID outbreak at a nursing home in Connecticut, only three residents avoided infection.

Image of a bottle of pills representing the supreme court throwing out opioid verdict.

Supreme Court Throws Out Opioid Verdict

MedTruth Editors · November 18, 2021

The case accused Johnson & Johnson of creating a public nuisance with their opioid marketing that contributed to the opioid crisis

Legal Developments
Image of the Mississippi skyline representing the talc trial delayed by J&J.

J&J Allegedly Delaying Talc Trial in Mississippi

MedTruth Editors · November 17, 2021

Mississippi's Attorney General urged the Supreme Court to reject J&J's petition to delay the state’s seven-year talcum powder lawsuit.

Legal Developments
Image of a man in a wheelchair at a nursing home representing KY nursing homes profit off of pandemic relief.

Problematic KY Nursing Homes Profited From Pandemic Relief

MedTruth Editors · November 16, 2021

In Kentucky, some nursing homes profited from the pandemic even as their level of care decreased.

Image of a bottle of pills representing the Giant Eagle opioid suit.

Giant Eagle Resolves Ohio Opioid Suit During Trial

MedTruth Editors · November 12, 2021

The company agreed to settle lawsuits that accuse it of contributing to the opioid crisis in communities throughout Ohio.

Legal Developments
Image of a man spraying weedkiller on plants representing Paraquat MDL Dismissals.

Defendants Move For Paraquat MDL Dismissals

MedTruth Editors · November 11, 2021

Corporations Syngenta and Chevron USA are attempting to weed out invalid claims from the MDL.

Legal Developments
Image of a doctor prescribing Opioids to a patient in Oklahoma.

OK Legislature Considers Revising Strict Opioid Law

MedTruth Editors · November 9, 2021

Oklahoma may roll back a Senate Bill that limits initial opioid prescription terms.

Laws + Congress
Image of a CPAP machine representing the Philips recall.

Philips Faces Class Action Suit Over Recalled Sleep Apnea Device

MedTruth Editors · November 8, 2021

Philips' CPAP machine was recalled in June over concerns that users could be exposed to polyester foam.

Legal Developments
Image of a woman vaping representing the first e-cigarette approved by the FDA.

FDA Greenlights the First E-Cigarette Products for Sale

MedTruth Editors · November 5, 2021

The FDA has has authorized the first e-cigarette on the market, and it's not JUUL.

FDA Regulation
Image of a virtual conference call representing Elmiron Science Day.

Elmiron Science Day Educates Judicial Officers

MedTruth Editors · November 4, 2021

Judicial officers were briefed on the mechanisms of Elmiron’s interaction with patients and the effects of long-term exposure linked to vision damage.

Legal Developments
Image of lawyers representing investor Roundup lawsuit against Bayer.

Judge Approves Investor Roundup Lawsuit Against Bayer

MedTruth Editors · November 3, 2021

Bayer failed to disclose the financial risks associated with the company’s 2018 acquisition of the Monsanto Corporation to its shareholders.

Legal Developments
Image of a social worker and elderly man representing COVID burnout on social workers.

COVID Burnout Takes a Toll on Social Workers

MedTruth Editors · November 2, 2021

Social workers dealing with opioid overdoses face an extra source of stress coming from the ongoing pandemic.

Health Features
Image of water pollution testing representing the EPA's pesticide investigation council.

EPA Launches Pesticide Investigation Councils

MedTruth Editors · November 1, 2021

The OCSPP Science Policy Council will monitor issues that arise within the pollution, toxics and pesticide sectors.

Image of a man taking Truvada representing Gilead accused of impeding generic drug release.

Pharmacies Accuse Gilead of Impeding Generic Drug Release

MedTruth Editors · October 27, 2021

CVS and Rite Aid are suing Gilead for suppressing the release of generic HIV drugs.

Legal Developments
Image of a woman taking opioid pills representing a study showing patients continue to use opioids three months after procedures.

Patients Continue to Use Opioids 3 Months After Procedures

MedTruth Editors · October 26, 2021

A study found that 21% of patients continued to refill their opioid prescription three months to a year following their procedure.

Research + Findings