A photo of a woman about to dial a phone number on an iPhone using the 5G cellular network.

Dangers of 5G: Fact or Fiction?

Emma Schkloven · October 16, 2019

The move toward 5G, the fifth-generation cellular network, has revived concerns about whether or not long-term exposure to cellphone radiation causes cancer.

Photo of Cancer Patient as she Enters Data into New Patient Reporting Technology Noona for Remote Care in Rural Areas

New Patient Reporting Technology Empowers Cancer Patients, Offering Remote Care

Tess Francke · October 8, 2019

Recent studies have found that rural cancer patients face challenges in accessing quality care over their metropolitan counterparts, which may impact life expectancy. Noona, a new system designed to provide cancer patients care and symptom assessment from the comfort of their own home, may just change that.

An elderly man clutching his chest, representing a new test to detect coronary artery disease without GBCAs.

New Screening for Coronary Artery Disease Developed, Without Contrast Agents

Carah Wertheimer · August 12, 2019

A new test to detect coronary artery disease in just 15 minutes with a basic MRI is currently being developed by Boston researchers. It wouldn't require the use of controversial, potentially toxic gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs).

An elderly woman taking a deep breath, representing breathomics, a new non-invasive cancer detection method.

Deep Breath, the Future of Non-Invasive Cancer Detection Is Here

Tess Francke · July 8, 2019

Cancer detection may have just become much easier with a new non-invasive approach that new companies are exploring. Owlstone Medical has pioneered "breath biopsy" - a diagnostic tool they call "a breathalyzer for disease." Using breathomics, they're able to identify disease with breath tests alone.

Photo of couple laying in bed discussing the Natural Cycles App.

Can the Natural Cycles App Turn Your Smartphone Into Safe, Reliable Birth Control?

Carah Wertheimer · April 2, 2019

The Natural Cycles App, the first non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical digital birth control, sure sounds good. Available for Android and iPhones, the app is 93 percent effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and can be used for pregnancy planning, to the tune of $99.99 per annual subscription.  There are no known side effects.

Man Checks TrackMy Implant App To Get Updated On Medical Device Recalls

TrackMy Implants App Brings Transparency to Medical Device Recalls

Nicole Knight · March 28, 2019

An estimated 2,500 device recalls occurred in 2018 alone. As the gap between consumer awareness and reported medical device recalls continues to grow, the TrackMy Implants app helps consumers stay up to date on the dangers of their devices.

Photo of man wearing apple watch for medical benefits of apple watch after hip replacement.

Could the Apple Watch Save Lives After Hip and Knee Replacements?

Benjamin Duong · November 21, 2018

Studies show the Apple Watch health monitoring system may be able to track joint replacement complications and notify providers in a timely manner, potentially save thousands of patients.

Man wearing virtual reality headset to treat opioid addiction

Vanderbilt Tests VR Program To Treat Opioid Users

James Parker · April 23, 2018

An experimental therapy program, in development at Vanderbilt University, uses VR technology to treat opioid addiction.

A photo of an elderly man's hand wearing a Fitbit, in conjunction with an unpictured Sano Patch for diabetes.

Fitbit Invests $6 Million in Wearable Sano Patch for Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · January 31, 2018

Fitbit and Sano, two San Francisco tech companies, are developing the wearable, minimally invasive Sano patch to measure blood sugar for diabetics.

Outstretched hands cupping illustration of brain, representing MedTech for Diabetics and Elderly

New and Developing MedTech for Diabetics and the Elderly

Ashley Lombardo · December 21, 2017

The continuing advancements in medical technology spell relief for some in the diabetic and elderly communities.

A photo of a woman in bed on her phone perusing the best phone apps for diabetes.

Best Apps To Help With Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · October 23, 2017

The best apps to help with diabetes all have one thing in common: they ease the burden of managing this dreaded disease.

A photo of a man using mental health apps

Can Medical Apps Help Patients With Mental Illness?

Ashley Lombardo · October 10, 2017

It seems like a promising idea: encourage patients to stick to their treatment by using medical apps to send reminders and other tips.

An illustration of consumers using the Think Dirty app in a grocery store.

Cosmetic Safety App Rates Johnson's Baby Powder

Ashley Lombardo · August 24, 2016

The cosmetic safety app Think Dirty rated Johnson's Baby Powder, shedding new light on a common household product with hidden dangers.