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Keep the future at your fingertips. Modern technology can enable remarkable medical care, but it may be hard to keep track in our fast-paced world. Stay on top of the latest technological advancements and cultivate the ability to distinguish an unsafe trend from a life-saving tool.

Top Articles on MedTech

Man Checks TrackMy Implant App To Get Updated On Medical Device Recalls

TrackMy Implants App Brings Transparency...

Nicole Knight · March 28, 2019

An estimated 2,500 device recalls occurred in 2018 alone. As the gap between consumer awareness and reported medical device recalls continues to grow, the TrackMy Implants app helps consumers stay up to date on the dangers of their devices.

An elderly woman taking a deep breath, representing breathomics, a new non-invasive cancer detection method.

Deep Breath, the Future of Non-Invasive ...

Tess Francke · July 8, 2019

Cancer detection may have just become much easier with a new non-invasive approach that new companies are exploring. Owlstone Medical has pioneered "breath biopsy" - a diagnostic tool they call "a breathalyzer for disease." Using breathomics, they're able to identify disease with breath tests alone.

Photo of Cancer Patient as she Enters Data into New Patient Reporting Technology Noona for Remote Care in Rural Areas

New Patient Reporting Technology Empower...

Tess Francke · October 8, 2019

Recent studies have found that rural cancer patients face challenges in accessing quality care over their metropolitan counterparts, which may impact life expectancy. Noona, a new system designed to provide cancer patients care and symptom assessment from the comfort of their own home, may just change that.