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Image of a microphone representing Minority Mental Health Awareness Month podcasts.

5 Top Podcast Recommendations for Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

Krystal Kavita Jagoo · July 24, 2020

We recognize July as National Minority Mental Health Month and the importance of prioritizing mental well-being for communities of color. These five podcasts provide diverse perspectives on mental health, race, identity and more.

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Image of vintage phones on a wall representing the new three-digit number for the U.S. suicide prevention hotline.

Three-Digit Number for the U.S. Suicide Prevention Hotline Coming in 2022

Emily Rose Thorne · July 23, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission authorized the three-digit phone number for reaching the United States National Suicide Prevention Hotline in a unanimous vote at an open meeting July 16. 


Masks: Physical and Mental Health Implications

Risa Kerslake · July 9, 2020

With so many unknowns about COVID-19, information on mask use is ever-evolving. Mask use may have mental and emotional effects on some – here's how to cope while staying safe.

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Still from Honey Boy, a film related to mental health.

5 Films to Watch During Mental Health Awareness Month

Lauren Styx · May 29, 2020

MedTruth shares our top five films that provide a window into the many different kinds of mental health journeys, in honor of May's Mental Health Awareness Month.

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'Brain on Fire' Brings Attention to Rare, Maddening Mystery Illness

Kimberly Nicoletti · May 22, 2020

A young journalist experiencing unusual symptoms is misdiagnosed with a mental illness in the film adaptation of a true story, which successfully drew attention to an unrecognized autoimmune disease known as anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

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‘Swallow’ Is a Haunting Cinematic Portrait on Body and Control

Ashley Lombardo · May 15, 2020

The film follows Hunter, a polished and newly pregnant housewife who craves inedible objects. Her experiences with an eating disorder known as pica explore themes of compulsion, control and the expectations of motherhood and domesticity.

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Poster for the Amazon Prime original show Undone.

Amazon Prime Series 'Undone' Creatively Warps Space and Time

Annie Simon · April 10, 2020

Amazon Prime's original show 'Undone' is a visually stunning depiction of trauma and mental illness from the creators of Bojack Horseman.

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Image of girl with eyes closed reaching up, representing youth at risk of suicide and self harm.

American Youth at Growing Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm

Kimberly Nicoletti · April 2, 2020

The rate of suicide attempts and self-harming behavior is on the rise in recent years, doubling in children and teens in less than a decade.

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Man institutionalized by the Baker Act looking out a window.

How Florida's Baker Act Impacts Suicide

S. Nicole Lane · January 16, 2020

The Baker Act allows for certain at-risk patients to be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours in a mental health facility. Though this law is meant to protect patients, many say resources provided to patients were inadequate upon leaving the facility.

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Photo of woman holding her stomach to indicate stomach pain from imbalanced gut biome causing depression.

Is Depression Linked to the Gut Biome?

Francesca Prato · January 6, 2020

Recent research indicates that the brain-gut connection may have strong implications for future treatment of depression and other mental disorders.

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A photo of a woman sitting on a chair and looking out a window, wondering about the connection between major depression and physical illness like UTIs and high cholesterol.

More Than 20 Physical Illnesses Linked to Depression

Carah Wertheimer · December 3, 2019

A recent study has linked depression to physical illnesses, such as asthma, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, urinary tract disorders and more.

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A screenshot of

Friday Film: “The Mind, Explained” Brings Clarity to the Brain’s Complexities

Emma Schkloven · November 15, 2019

Narrated by Emma Stone, the Netflix miniseries is a great introduction to the cerebral science of the human mind and all its complexities.

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Girl's head held by many different hands to symbolize the many facets of delay to mental health care

Suicide, Stigma and a System Delaying Mental Health Care

Lauren Delisle · September 10, 2019

In January, 17-year-old Melody Saenz attempted suicide. Her experience with New York mental health services epitomizes the difficult journey to seeking mental health care, as pervasive stigmas, ill-equipped emergency departments and financial burdens add complex layers to finding treatment and recovery.

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Kelly Noonan Gores film Heal addresses the power of the mind with narration from Kelly

Friday Film: Heal, a Documentary on the Power of the Mind

Lauren Delisle · August 30, 2019

Combining her loves for filmmaking, yoga, meditation, and spiritualism, Kelly Noonan Gores set out to talk with some of the world's most renowned alternative medicine healers. Though "Heal" is a bit limiting in its condemnation of Western medicine, its message on the power of the mind is notable.

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A close-up photo of the eyes of two girls standing side-by-side, representing suicide as a potential side effect of LASIK surgery.

Is Suicide an Adverse Effect of LASIK Surgery?

S. Nicole Lane · August 20, 2019

Sudden and tragic deaths following a popular eye procedure may indicate that suicidality is an adverse effect of LASIK surgery. Many doctors now believe that the procedure may cause neurological issues that lead to suicidal ideation. Patients experiencing complications feel they were not properly warned.

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A photo of an older woman holding a piece of fruit, working with her husband to treat depression with diet.

Food and Mood: How to Treat Depression With Diet

Tess Francke · May 29, 2019

In the average lifespan, 60 tons of food will pass through the GI tract along with microorganisms from the environment. The gut has a big job, so it's no wonder diet can drastically impact wellbeing. Recent science suggests it's a perfectly effective regulatory solution to treat depression with diet.

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Woman Kicking Her Heels Up To Depict How Creative Women Conquer Stress

How 5 Creative Women Conquer Stress

Lauren Delisle · May 7, 2019

So often, it’s easy to forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. Here are helpful tips from creative women on how to manage stress.

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A photo of a young girl sad on her iphone to demonstrate how social media affects mental health.

How Social Media Affects Mental Health

Emma Schkloven · April 23, 2019

After recent studies indicating a rise in diagnosed and reported Major Depression among adolescents, many question the cause. With average daily time spent online on the rise, it's not surprising more and more people are noticing how social media affects mental health.

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A photo of a man stretching on his deck because physical movement is a one tip for how to reduce stress.

5 Tips for Relieving and Reducing Stress

Lauren Delisle · April 22, 2019

Common symptoms of chronic stress include emotional reactivity, memory loss, changes in appetite, and decreased sex drive. By implementing practices that reduce stress, we can learn to combat those invasive health impacts of stress and lead calmer lives.

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A photo of a woman's feet on the beach, as she learns how to take vacation more seriously.

Taking Vacation Time a Little More Seriously

Ashley Lombardo · January 10, 2018

We work hard and we play hard. But do we vacation well enough? We offer advice on making the most of your time away from the office.

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