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Man sitting on floor thinking about diabetes and depression

Are Diabetes and Depression Linked?

James Parker · July 19, 2018

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. For diabetics, it can have a big impact on safety and self-care.

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Elderly couple on a walk, discussing differences between men and women with Diabetes

Researchers Uncover Differences Between Men and Women with Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · June 11, 2018

A study examines how men and women deal with diabetes differently, indicating that men may be able to learn from their female counterparts.

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Man with Diabetic Neuropathy holding foot

A MedTruth Guide to Diabetic Neuropathy

James Parker · May 23, 2018

Our guide to diabetic neuropathy delves into different types of nerve damage, associated symptoms and potential treatment options.

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A photo of an elderly man's hand wearing a Fitbit, in conjunction with an unpictured Sano Patch for diabetes.

Fitbit Invests $6 Million in Wearable Sano Patch for Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · January 31, 2018

Fitbit and Sano, two San Francisco tech companies, are developing the wearable, minimally invasive Sano patch to measure blood sugar for diabetics.

A photo of alcohol on a shelf, representing tips for drinking with diabetes.

7 Tips for Drinking With Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · January 3, 2018

Diabetes and alcohol may be a safe combination, or it can be dangerous. Learn how to enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverage by reading our tips for drinking with diabetes.

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A photo of an African American couple cuddling in bed discussing diabetes, nerve damage and sex.

Diabetes and Sex: Nerve Damage

Ashley Lombardo · December 8, 2017

Nerve damage, also known as neuropathy, may affect your sexual health. Talking about diabetes and sex is the first step to finding a solution.

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A photo of a woman with diabetes running, representing diabetes burnout.

Best Ways to Manage Diabetes Burnout

Ashley Lombardo · November 30, 2017

Diabetes burnout affects many type 2 diabetes sufferers. Find out how you can manage, or help someone manage, diabetes-related stress.

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A sunny photo of two women discussing the benefits of vitamin D for diabetes.

Why Vitamin D Is Important in the Fight Against Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · November 28, 2017

Sunshine, fish, mushrooms and more. Vitamin D plays a greater role than we thought in the fight against diabetes.

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A photo of a dad smiling while talking to his daughter about diabetes.

Can Talking About Your Feelings Help Fight Diabetes?

Ashley Lombardo · October 4, 2017

A Malaysian study shows talking through diabetes-related distress improves overall well-being and helps diabetics better manage the disease.

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