The retail company Kroger Inc. has created a settlement agreement worth over $1 billion to resolve claims that its grocery stores improperly distributed opioids and exacerbated the opioid crisis. According to Kroger’s statement, the settlement would pay out to “states, subdivisions, and the Native American tribes” in order to settle opioid-related claims without admitting improper conduct on their part. 

The potential Kroger settlement has two components: monetary and non-monetary conditions. According to the release, the non-monetary terms and conditions are still being negotiated but Kroger does have a finalized monetary settlement agreement. According to its statement, Kroger is offering states and municipalities $1.2 billion and offering Native American tribes $36 million to fund opioid abatement programs. These monetary payments will be spread out into equal installments over the course of 11 years and will accompany $177 million in attorneys’ fees and cost payments that will be paid out over six years. 

From this point states, municipalities, and Native American tribes will have the opportunity to opt in to the settlement and, if accepted, the first payments would be distributed in December of this year. However, Kroger also notes that it will have “full discretion to determine whether there is sufficient participation for the settlement to become effective.” By accepting the terms of the settlement, the settling plaintiffs would also have to consider their claims against Kroger to be fully resolved with no admission of wrongdoing or liability on Kroger’s part. 

According to Kroger, this settlement is an “important milestone” in the company’s steps to resolve pending opioid litigation against it. The company claims that “Kroger has long served as a leader in combatting opioid abuse and remains committed to patient safety,” but also said that it will continue to “vigorously defend against” and deny any claims by non-settling parties that the company in any way exacerbated, caused, or failed to rectify its part in the opioid crisis. 

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