The Arizona Senate gave preliminary approval in late January to a bill intended to increase patient awareness of the dangers of breast implants, as reported by

The bill (SB 1001) would require that doctors provide individuals considering breast implants with the following information:

The bill was transferred Feb. 1 to the Arizona House of Representatives, where lawmakers may vote on the bill, refer it to committee for further consideration, or decline to act.

If passed, the bill would go into effect on Jan. 1, 2022. 

The bill was sponsored by Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, a Republican from Scottsdale.

Ongoing Efforts to Protect Arizona Breast Implant Patients

Last year, the Arizona Senate unanimously approved a bill (SB 1439) that would have brought doctors, breast implant manufacturers, and patients together to create an informed consent checklist that patients would need to sign before having breast implant surgery. 

Despite passing the Senate unanimously and facing no vocal opposition from manufacturers or surgeons, as reported by Pinal Central, the bill died in committee.