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Annie Simon

Annie Simon is a social media coordinator and engagement editor based in Los Angeles, California. She received a B.S. in psychobiology with a minor in evolutionary medicine from the University of California, Los Angeles. She enjoys writing about chronic illness, food/nutrition and overall health and wellbeing.

Latest MedTruth Work by Annie Simon

Illustration of a birth control pill packet labeled How to quit the Pill.

How to Quit the Birth Control Pill

Annie Simon · September 29, 2020

This guide explains how hormonal birth control affects your body and the side effects that may happen when you stop taking it, as well as lifestyle changes to help support your body’s adjustment to its natural cycle.

Women's Health
Poster for the Amazon Prime original show Undone.

Amazon Prime Series 'Undone' Creatively ...

Annie Simon · April 10, 2020

Amazon Prime's original show 'Undone' is a visually stunning depiction of trauma and mental illness from the creators of Bojack Horseman.

Health Features
Photo from chronic illness documentary Trust Me, I'm Sick showing Ezra Wheeler, an Ehlers-Danlos syndrome patient, reading a book in bed

'Trust Me, I'm Sick,' A Female-Led Docum...

Annie Simon · January 31, 2020

'Trust Me, I'm Sick,' a short documentary series following the everyday lives of five individuals, works to create an accurate portrayal of people living with chronic illness.

Health Features
A photo of woman in pain huddled in the city for Chronicon New York to convey underrecognized Chronic Illness Defined by MedTruth.

Chronic Illness Defined: 3 Autoimmune Diseases and Why They Matter

Annie Simon · October 17, 2019

Chronic illness covers a broad assortment of health conditions, but there are some that never get recognition because of the lack of public dialogue. Today, MedTruth recognizes three underrecognized autoimmune diseases.

Health Features