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Joanna Shawn Brigid O'Leary

Joanna Shawn Brigid "Bridey" O'Leary was born in Alexandria, Virginia, grew up in central Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, and now calls Houston, Texas home. She graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English and pre-medical studies and earned a Ph.D. in Victorian literature from Rice University. Bridey has served as a medical writer, culinary historian, and travel/food critic for media outlets and academic publications such as Neurosurgery, Let's Go travel guides, Stroke, Wine Enthusiast, the Onion, Houston Press, Texas Highways and Houstonia.

Image of hand holding Pepcid heartburn medication famotidine used to treat the coronavirus.

Pepcid Shows Promise Against COVID-19

Joanna Shawn Brigid O'Leary · May 28, 2020

The active ingredient in Pepcid heartburn medication, famotidine, may be an effective treatment for the coronavirus.

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A stock photo representing a genetic vaccine for COVID-19.

Could COVID-19 Be Stopped by the World’s First Genetic Vaccine?

Joanna Shawn Brigid O'Leary · May 22, 2020

Early results from studies researching a genetic vaccine for COVID-19 show promise, but safety, production and privacy concerns remain.

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