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Lauren Delisle

Lauren Delisle is a writer for MedTruth currently working in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2017 with a degree in Screenwriting and a minor in dance. Exploring topics of mental health, social justice, media and philosophy in her work, Lauren strives to externalize narratives that might otherwise go untold.

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Chronicon, first-ever chronic illness conference, founder Nitika Chopra

Chronicon: The Light of Connection in Ch...

Lauren Delisle · November 24, 2019

New York City's first-ever chronic illness convention, Chronicon, brought together patients and panelists living with chronic conditions — bringing light to a struggle that so many cope with but rarely discuss.

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A photo of a chronic illness patient with flowers on their arms and legs to represent healing in MedTruth's Chronic Illness Defined

Chronic Illness Defined: The Spoon Theor...

Lauren Delisle · October 24, 2019

Chronic illness affects six in 10 adults living in the United States -- a figure that is only expected to increase in coming years. Despite stigmas that stand in the way of societal treatment and comprehensive care methods, holistic and functional practitioners of medicine are working alongside patient advocates to make the world an easier place to live for those coping with chronic illness. Learn more about the movement to make invisible illnesses visible.

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Girl's head held by many different hands to symbolize the many facets of delay to mental health care

Suicide, Stigma and a System Delaying Me...

Lauren Delisle · September 10, 2019

In January, 17-year-old Melody Saenz attempted suicide. Her experience with New York mental health services epitomizes the difficult journey to seeking mental health care, as pervasive stigmas, ill-equipped emergency departments and financial burdens add complex layers to finding treatment and recovery.

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Kelly Noonan Gores film Heal addresses the power of the mind with narration from Kelly

Friday Film: Heal, a Documentary on the Power of the Mind

Lauren Delisle · August 30, 2019

Combining her loves for filmmaking, yoga, meditation, and spiritualism, Kelly Noonan Gores set out to talk with some of the world's most renowned alternative medicine healers. Though "Heal" is a bit limiting in its condemnation of Western medicine, its message on the power of the mind is notable.

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Woman at Breast Implant FDA Meeting

FDA Public Advisory Committee Addresses Breast Implant Safety

Lauren Delisle · March 28, 2019

On March 25th, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began a two-day Public Advisory Committee meeting to discuss the safety of breast implants and their potential links to life-threatening health problems.

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Woman Kicking Her Heels Up To Depict How Creative Women Conquer Stress

How 5 Creative Women Conquer Stress

Lauren Delisle · May 7, 2019

So often, it’s easy to forget that our mental health is just as important as our physical well-being. Here are helpful tips from creative women on how to manage stress.

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A photo of a young woman walking down a hall to find out how stress impacts mental health.

6 Signs of Stress Impacting Mental Health

Lauren Delisle · April 1, 2019

Nearly one-third of Americans regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress. This Stress Awareness Month, we're sharing six signs of stress that may be affecting your mental health.

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A photo of a man stretching on his deck because physical movement is a one tip for how to reduce stress.

5 Tips for Relieving and Reducing Stress

Lauren Delisle · April 22, 2019

Common symptoms of chronic stress include emotional reactivity, memory loss, changes in appetite, and decreased sex drive. By implementing practices that reduce stress, we can learn to combat those invasive health impacts of stress and lead calmer lives.

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