Hair Straighteners/Relaxers

After developing uterine cancer and having her uterus removed, dashing her hopes of one day becoming a mother, a 32-year-old Missouri resident named Jenny Mitchell became the first woman to file a hair straightener lawsuit in October 2022. Like millions of other women in the US, Mitchell trusted that the hair-relaxing products she used were safe.

Mitchell, who is African American, did not realize the hair straightener/relaxer products she had been using since she was a child contained ingredients that were potentially harming her health. The majority of women who have been harmed by hair straighteners are African-American women, who are more likely to use hair relaxers. 

Thousands of hair relaxer claims similar to Mitchell’s have been filed. Hair straightener litigation is currently in the beginning stages. Plaintiffs allege that the manufacturers knew, or should have known, that the ingredients in their products could increase the risk of certain types of illnesses such as uterine cancer.

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Black woman looking at hair in the mirror representing the hair relaxer formaldehyde lawsuits.

Amid Hair Relaxer Lawsuits, FDA Consider...

MedTruth Editors · October 25, 2023

Despite the well-documented health risks associated with formaldehyde, the chemical compound has not yet been banned by the FDA. 

FDA Regulation
Woman using a hair serum representing the hair relaxer claims process streamlined regarding chemical hair straighteners allegedly causing health problems

New Hair Relaxer Claims Process Streamli...

MedTruth Editors · August 23, 2023

The Short Form Complaint streamlines the process for new plaintiffs to submit claims that they developed health problems caused by the chemicals in hair relaxers.

Legal Developments
Image of a Black woman pulling a strand of her hair representing the hair relaxer lawsuits.

Hair Relaxer Makers Move To Dismiss Mast...

MedTruth Editors · July 21, 2023

The plaintiffs claim that they were not warned about the risk of developing cancer associated with the use of hair-relaxing products.

Legal Developments
Image of an African-American woman holding her hair representing the hair relaxer lawsuits.

Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Plaintiffs File Master Complaint

MedTruth Editors · June 30, 2023

The master complaint provides a comprehensive list of the allegations that show an association between regular exposure to the synthetic chemicals in hair-relaxer products, and uterine cancer.

Legal Developments
Black woman with curly hair representing hair straightener/relaxer litigation.

JPML Hears Hair Straightener MDL Arguments

MedTruth Editors · February 10, 2023

Attorneys are requesting that hair relaxer cases be consolidated into a multidistrict litigation.