We handpick our drug safety campaigns based on the scope of impact. The drugs and devices below have harmed millions of people, making them a central focus of consumer advocacy, drug safety litigation, and major news organizations.  We provide information that inspires you to stand up, take action, and make a change. 

mt-vmesh-final-revaVAGINAL MESHVaginal mesh, touted as a “minimally invasive” method to treat pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, can come with a number of life-altering complications. Thousands of adverse reactions, including three deaths, have now been linked to failed mesh.
mt-invokana-final-revaINVOKANAMore than 29 million people in the United States currently have diabetes, and another 86 million pre-diabetics are on the cusp of developing the disease. New investigations into the safety of Invokana, a heavily prescribed diabetes drug, have uncovered a long list of its life-threatening side effects.
 mt-talcum-final-revaTALCUM POWDERJohnson’s Baby Powder is a popular household hygiene product. For more than 100 years, Johnson & Johnson marketed the talc-based substance as a routine method of maintaining freshness. But recent investigations into the safety of the lightweight powder led to the discovery of a dark, decades-old secret, though millions of Americans still douse themselves daily.
 mt-nexium-final-revaNEXIUM – PROTON-PUMP INHIBITORS (PPIS)More than 15 million Americans use Nexium to treat the short-term symptoms of heartburn and the long-term damage of acid reflux. Researchers recently linked the household drug to dementia and chronic kidney disease, though the newly discovered dangers still don’t appear on the labeling.
mt-xarelto-final-revaXARELTOXarelto, a blood thinner used to prevent clotting, can cause extreme bleeding. No antidote exists, which elevates this side effect to a potentially fatal status.
 mt-ivcfilter1-final-revaIVC FILTERSInferior vena cava filters are implanted in thousands of Americans to stop life-threatening blood clots from reaching the lungs. Investigations show that manufacturers may have hidden the device’s potentially fatal flaws.