Doctors will perform “minimally invasive” morcellator surgeries to remove uterine fibroids. Thousands of women are diagnosed with uterine cancer and other morcellator side effects after surgery — sparking protests from patients, the medical community, and government representatives.

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Image of a woman holding her stomach, representing fibroid surgery safety recommendations by the FDA.

Fibroid Removal Safety Recommendations U...

Carah Wertheimer · January 7, 2021

The FDA has finalized safety recommendations for the use of power morcellators in surgeries to remove fibroids.

FDA Regulation
A photo of a woman in a doctor's office, refusing power morcellator treatment for uterine fibrioids after the FDA warning.

Morcellator Use Declines Following FDA W...

Ashley Lombardo · January 17, 2018

The FDA has affirmed a four-year-old warning over the risk of developing uterine sarcoma after undergoing surgery with morcellation.

FDA Regulation
A stock photo of a woman holding her reproductive organs in relation to Dr. Amy Reed's work with power morcellators.

Dr. Amy Reed Advocates for Women Injured...

Ashley Lombardo · October 14, 2016

After a uterine fibroid procedure caused Dr. Amy Reed to develop leiomyosarcoma, she became an advocate fighting against the power morcellator device that spread her hidden cancer.

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