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Emily Rose Thorne

Emily Rose Thorne is a senior at Mercer University studying journalism, women’s and gender studies, and anthropology. She is the editor-in-chief of The Cluster and has bylines for Macon Magazine, Georgia Public Broadcasting, Step Up Magazine, and Atlanta magazine. She also hosts a reproductive justice podcast, Between The Bills. Emily Rose’s work focuses on gender, sexuality, social justice, and health.

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Illustration of a woman with hair loss, hair damage and scalp sores from DevCurl and Monat products.

Curly Hair ‘Holy Grail’ DevaCurl and...

Emily Rose Thorne · August 4, 2020

Users of hair product brands DevaCurl and Monat are speaking out about potential scalp sores, hair loss and hair damage.

Health Features
Image of a genderqueer person sitting in a hospital gown sitting in an exam room representing Trump's trans healthcare rollbacks.

Democratic Attorneys General Fight Trump...

Emily Rose Thorne · July 23, 2020

Democratic attorneys general sued the Trump administration over the Department of Health and Human Services’ final rule allegedly stripping transgender, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming patients of their rights to nondiscrimination in the medical field.

Image of vintage phones on a wall representing the new three-digit number for the U.S. suicide prevention hotline.

Three-Digit Number for the U.S. Suicide ...

Emily Rose Thorne · July 23, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission authorized the three-digit phone number for reaching the United States National Suicide Prevention Hotline in a unanimous vote at an open meeting July 16. 

Image of a woman on Reddit wearing a mask for COVID-19.

'Long Haulers' Seek COVID-19 Answers and Support in Online Communities

Emily Rose Thorne · July 13, 2020

Long-haulers, those whose COVID-19 symptoms just won’t seem to go away, are turning to communities like Reddit for answers.

Patient Stories
Image of lawyer Nouvelle Gonzalo practicing law from home.

Civil Rights, A Global Pandemic and Justice: Practicing Law in the Era of COVID-19

Emily Rose Thorne · July 10, 2020

Amid a push to transform the criminal justice system and mandates to work from home to avoid worsening a public health crisis, how have America’s lawyers adapted their practice?

Legal Developments
Illustration representing the Supreme Court Decision that protects LGBTQIA+ employees.

Supreme Court Decision Protecting LGBTQIA+ Employees Could Challenge Healthcare Rollbacks

Emily Rose Thorne · July 7, 2020

The Supreme Court has ruled on Bostock v. Clayton County—a landmark decision protecting LGBTQIA+ patients from workplace discrimination. The decision came the same week that HHS released a final rule rolling back nondiscrimination protections for transgender and nonbinary patients seeking healthcare.

Laws + Congress
Boy drinking fluoridated tap water that may harm the development of young brains.

Debate Over Fluoridation Continues as Experts Testify

Emily Rose Thorne · June 23, 2020

Scientists are testifying for groups seeking to ban fluoride from public water supplies, though the data has some limitations.

Research + Findings
Woman with diabetes thinking about the metformin recall due to NDMA contamination.

FDA Names More Companies Recalling Metformin for NDMA Contamination

Emily Rose Thorne · June 15, 2020

Since the FDA found NDMA above the acceptable intake limit in certain lots of metformin, five pharmaceutical companies have announced a voluntary recall of extended-release (ER) metformin, a popular medication used to control type 2 diabetes.

FDA Regulation

Ava DuVernay’s '13th' Traces the Public Health Crisis of Mass Incarceration

Emily Rose Thorne · June 13, 2020

The Netflix documentary “13th,” directed by Ava DuVernay, traces the history of mass incarceration and explains how the remnants of American slavery intertwine with crime, punishment and Blackness.

Health Features