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Kimberly Nicoletti

Kimberly Nicoletti is a freelance journalist, editor and writing coach based in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She has been published in Natural Health magazine, Fitness Republic,, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Dallas AM News, Minnesota Magazine, The Denver Post and a variety of regional magazines including Aspen Philanthropist, Aspen Times Weekly, Vail Valley, Vail Health, Mountain Gazette, CO Yoga + Life and Spoke + Blossom. She has been the managing editor of several magazines, most currently in Snowmass, CO. She has a masters in somatic psychology and loves writing about health, people, travel and anything related to living a creative, authentic life.

Latest MedTruth Work by Kimberly Nicoletti

Mom carrying a baby in a front baby carrier with proper form to prevent hip dysplasia.

Baby Carriers: How to Prevent Hip Dyspla...

Kimberly Nicoletti · May 26, 2020

Carrying your baby incorrectly could lead to hip dysplasia, which is described as a “silent condition” because babies aren’t in pain and can usually still learn to walk.

Health Features

'Brain on Fire' Brings Attention to Rare...

Kimberly Nicoletti · May 22, 2020

A young journalist experiencing unusual symptoms is misdiagnosed with a mental illness in the film adaptation of a true story, which successfully drew attention to an unrecognized autoimmune disease known as anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

Health Features
Poster for Netflix's documentary Pandemic.

Netflix's 'Pandemic' Eerily Predicted CO...

Kimberly Nicoletti · April 24, 2020

The Netflix docuseries "Pandemic," filmed prior to the coronavirus outbreak, follows doctors and researchers in their quests to prepare for a pandemic like the 1918 deadly influenza virus.

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Image of girl with eyes closed reaching up, representing youth at risk of suicide and self harm.

American Youth at Growing Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm

Kimberly Nicoletti · April 2, 2020

The rate of suicide attempts and self-harming behavior is on the rise in recent years, doubling in children and teens in less than a decade.

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Image art from Netflix's The Pharmacist.

Netflix’s Docuseries 'The Pharmacist' Depicts One Man’s Fight Against Opioid Corruption

Kimberly Nicoletti · March 13, 2020

'The Pharmacist' tells the story of Daniel Schneider’s heart-wrenching search for his son’s killer and ultimately shows the opioid crisis through his eyes — a Louisiana-based pharmacist.

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A photo of a young hand holding a JUUL e-cigarette.

More States Sue JUUL As FDA's Regulatory Deadline Approaches

Kimberly Nicoletti · March 11, 2020

As more states file suit against Juul, the vaping manufacturer prepares to submit an application to the FDA to prove that e-cigarettes benefit smokers more than they harm teenagers.

Legal Developments
Child being given insulin by parent, representing insulin price capping in Illinois.

Insulin Price-Capping Extends to Illinois

Kimberly Nicoletti · March 6, 2020

In January, Illinois became the second state to enact legislation capping insulin at $100 per month.

Person with a Medtronic MiniMed 600 series insulin pump which was recalled by the FDA.

Hundreds of Thousands of Medtronic Insulin Pumps Recalled

Kimberly Nicoletti · March 6, 2020

Medtronic has recalled about 322,000 defective insulin pumps used by type 1 diabetics. The pumps from the MiniMed 600 series can deliver too much or too little insulin due to missing or broken retainer rings.

FDA Regulation
A photo of a woman holding generic drugs in her hands, scrutinizing the beige pills after hearing the Bottle of Lies podcast.

'Anamnesis' Podcast Delves Into Manufacturing Issues With Generic Drugs

Kimberly Nicoletti · February 28, 2020

In a recent episode of the “Anamnesis” podcast, investigative journalist Katherine Eban discusses the substandard conditions for manufacturing generic drugs.

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