Nursing Home Abuse

Despite attempts to improve elder care facilities, data shows nursing home abuse affects one in three residents. Abuse or neglect can lead to bedsores and other painful and debilitating conditions. 

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A photo of an elderly male patient extending his palm to receive pills to depict overprescription in nursing homes.

A New Study May Help Curb Inappropriate ...

Ashley Lombardo · October 20, 2017

A study helped cease inappropriate medication in nursing homes using the Multidisciplinary Multistep Medication Review tool (3MR).

Research + Findings
A photo of a mother and daughter researching where to report nursing home abuse.

Where to Report Nursing Home Abuse

Ashley Lombardo · October 6, 2017

Knowing where to report nursing home abuse has become a necessity, as one in three residents will face abuse or neglect.

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Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes May Be Underreported

The Truth About Sexual Abuse In Nursing ...

Ashley Lombardo · September 12, 2017

As many asĀ 5 million elders are abused each year. Seniors who experience sexual abuse in nursing homes rarely get justice.

Health Features
A portrait of an elderly woman living in a nursing home, looking forward to updated federal nursing home regulations.

Federal Government Updates Nursing Home Regulations

Ashley Lombardo · January 10, 2017

The U.S. Department of Health updated national nursing home regulations to extend additional protections to senior residential facilities.

Laws + Congress
A close-up of an elderly couple holding hands, discussing questions to ask before selecting a nursing home.

9 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Nursing Home

Ashley Lombardo · October 24, 2016

Our checklist of nursing home questions can help to find the right fit.