Nicole Knight

Nicole Knight

Nicole Knight is a freelance writer based in Southern California. A former reporter for the Orange County Register, she most recently covered issues related to women's health and economic justice for the nonprofit site Rewire.News. Her bylines have appeared in outlets ranging from Pacific Standard to, reflecting her varied interests. She is a member of the Association of Health Care Journalists and the American Society of Journalists and Authors. Follow her on Twitter @nicolekshine.

Latest MedTruth Work by Nicole Knight

Image of a pregnant people worried about NSAIDs increasing risk of pregnancy complications.

NSAIDs Can Increase Risk of Pregnancy Co...

Nicole Knight · October 28, 2020

A new warning for pregnant people will appear on prescription and over-the-counter NSAIDs.

FDA Regulation
Image of white pills representing the Metformin recall.

More Recalls Issued for Diabetes Drug Me...

Nicole Knight · October 15, 2020

The FDA has announced two additional voluntary recalls of extended-release metformin.

FDA Regulation
Image of empty hospital bed representing medical device removal surgeries halted by the Coronavirus pandemic

Medical Device Removal Surgeries Delayed...

Nicole Knight · March 26, 2020

Patients who have been implanted with medical devices face uncertainty over when they can have an unwanted device removed or receive treatment for device-related complications.

Pregnant woman taking Zofran for nausea representing the 500 cases pending against GlaxoSmithKline.

Hundreds of Cases Against Zofran Manufacturer Still Pending

Nicole Knight · March 13, 2020

More than 500 cases are pending against GlaxoSmithKline, claiming the drugmaker aggressively marketed Zofran to pregnant women without informing them of the potential risk of birth defects.

Legal Developments
FDA signing medical device approvals.

FDA's New Policy Loosens Medical Device Approval Process

Nicole Knight · February 18, 2020

The FDA has exempted more than 200 types of medical devices and testing products from safety and effectiveness reviews after a new policy went into effect Dec. 30.

FDA Regulation
Group of teens talking about the E-cig ban.

What the New E-Cig Ban Got Wrong on Youth Vaping

Nicole Knight · February 13, 2020

New federal limits prohibit the sale of mint, fruit and candy-like flavors in refillable e-cigarettes, but loopholes leave wiggle room for marketing targeted at a younger demographic.

Laws + Congress
Photo of doctor's hands on laptop keyboard submitting electronic approval of medial device after mandated by the FDA

FDA Final Rule Requires Medical Device Submissions in Electronic Format

Nicole Knight · January 21, 2020

As of Jan. 15, 2020, the FDA requires electronic submission of medical device premarket applications in efforts to increase approval transparency and cut down on paperwork.

FDA Regulation
Doctor charged in transvaginal mesh surgery scheme consulting with patient.

Doctor and Accomplice Charged in Transvaginal Mesh Surgery Scheme

Nicole Knight · November 14, 2019

A doctor and his consultant face multiple charges after tricking transvaginal mesh patients into getting unnecessary surgery.

Legal Developments
Photo of a woman's hand pulling her medical record as she searches for medical device IDs which can help her learn whether her device was recalled.

How Patients Lose Power Without Medical Device IDs

Nicole Knight · January 6, 2020

Medical device IDs aren't always given to the consumer even though they could be the only thing standing between a patient and the truth about their device implant.

Health Features
A photo of sterilized vaginal speculum, a medical device that may be sterilized with ethylene oxide.

Ethylene Oxide and Concerns With Medical Device Sterilization

Nicole Knight · January 6, 2020

Ethylene oxide, a gas used to sterilize more than half of medical devices in the U.S., can cause cancer. As agencies begin to regulate the gas, hospitals may face potential medical device shortages due to the lack of an acceptable sterilization alternative.

FDA Regulation
A young woman of color reads the ICIJ report that more woman have been harmed by medical devices than men.

ICIJ Report Shows More Women Injured by Medical Devices

Nicole Knight · December 12, 2019

An ICIJ analysis of the MAUDE database found more women filed medical device-related injury reports than men.

Research + Findings
A photo of a woman considering getting breast implants, and a surgeon failing to explain the risks.

Women Sue Allergan for Concealing Breast Implant Cancer Risk

Nicole Knight · December 6, 2019

Six women have filed a complaint alleging the manufacturer Allergan intentionally hid possible breast implant safety risks.

Legal Developments
Wildfires burning in California potentially caused by PG&E

California Wildfires Spark Legal and Political Battles for PG&E

Nicole Knight · December 5, 2019

PG&E, the power provider implicated in the recent California wildfires, now faces legal action by the state.

Legal Developments
A photo of money and a stethoscope, representing ProPublica's Dollars for Docs database.

Is Your Doctor Under the Influence of Industry Money?

Nicole Knight · December 4, 2019

Dollars for Docs, a free ProPublica database, allows patients to find out whether their healthcare provider has taken payments from drugmakers or device makers — including money for meals, gifts, travel, consulting, research activities and speaking fees.

Health Features
A photo of industry spewing toxic pollution in an area known as Louisiana's cancer alley.

When Home is Deadly: Welcome to "Cancer Alley"

Nicole Knight · December 4, 2019

A ProPublica investigation covers an area along the Mississippi River, dubbed Louisiana's cancer alley, which leaves residents exposed to toxic, carcinogenic chemicals caused by unregulated air pollution.

Health Features
Teen vaping a flavored e-cigarette

Studies, Regulatory Updates on Flavored E-Cigarettes

Nicole Knight · October 24, 2019

A surge in teen vaping is causing lawmakers to push the FDA to ban flavored e-cigarettes. Teens who use flavored e-cigs are more likely to start using tobacco, according to recent research.

FDA Regulation
Water bottle representing BPA in plastics linked to diabetes

Studies Examine If Household Chemicals Can Cause Diabetes

Nicole Knight · October 16, 2019

Household chemicals such as phthalates and BPA, which are found in plastics packaging, cosmetics, medications and other consumer goods, have been linked to diabetes.

Research + Findings
An image of a man holding a bottle of Roundup herbicide after Monsanto Emails Uncovered Revealing Health Risks of Glyphosate

Internal Emails in Monsanto History Spark Questions of Ethics and Safety

Nicole Knight · October 16, 2019

Monsanto has been under scrutiny in recent years for the health risks of primary herbicide in Roundup, glyphosate. For years, the company paid their team of researchers and scientists to promote the safety of the product, but recent internal emails have revealed such an assertion cannot be made about the chemical.

Photo of a man holding a vape after Federal Trade Commission Demands Answers as Prevalence of Unexplained Respiratory Illness and Death from Vaping Increases.

18 Confirmed Deaths, More Than 1,000 Sick With Vape-Related Injuries

Nicole Knight · October 10, 2019

After the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received reports of the 18th confirmed death related to vaping, they demand advertising data from six major manufacturers of vaping and e-cigarette products. Multiple states have officially called bans on the sale of e-cigarette and vaping products, while the Trump Administration deliberates over whether to take national action. One thing is clear: the specific health risks of vaping remain a worrisome mystery.

little girl runs in field after news EPA may not ban a potentially harmful pesticide

The EPA Will Not Ban a Pesticide That Can Harm Kids’ Brains

Nicole Knight · August 28, 2019

The EPA has decided not to ban the pesticide chlorpyrifos despite evidence that the chemical harms children's brains. It is relevant to note that Dow Chemical, manufacturer of the chemical, donated significantly to the Trump administration's inaugural events.

Legal Developments
Photo of a Canadian flag after Canada removes transvaginal mesh from the market following a safety review.

Canada Removes Transvaginal Mesh From Market, Still Available for Some

Nicole Knight · August 9, 2019

Health Canada announced the removal of transvaginal mesh from the market following a safety review. However, transvaginal mesh will still be available for women with pelvic organ prolapse (POP) in some cases.

A photo of Daniela Sage, a healer who used social media to crowdfund explant surgery for breast implant illness.

Healer Crowdfunds Explant Surgery for Breast Implant Illness

Nicole Knight · July 25, 2019

While more information on breast implant illness (BII) is sought by the FDA, some patients suffering from BII symptoms crowdfund explant surgery through platforms like GoFundMe. Miami-based healer Daniela Sage was among them, utilizing the power of social media to remove toxic implants.

Patient Stories
A photo of a field in Australia related to the current Roundup constoversy, which has raised public outcry due to its harmful health effects.

Lawmakers Consider Prohibiting Roundup in Australia

Nicole Knight · July 17, 2019

Following the country's first ever cancer lawsuit against Roundup-manufacturer Monsanto, Australia faces public outcry against the weedkiller. Worker protests with walkouts have the government reconsidering their tolerance and use of Monsanto's Roundup in Australia.

A photo of oranges, representing Streptomycin and antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic Resistance, Citrus Farmers and EPA-Approved Health Hazards

Nicole Knight · July 4, 2019

Since its discovery in 1943, doctors have relied on the antibiotic streptomycin to treat tuberculosis and deadly bacterial infections around the globe. Following EPA approval of the antibiotic use by citrus farmers, advocates raise concerns surrounding disease outbreak and antibiotic resistance.

An illustration of a female scientist after learning that women are underrepresented in medical research and gender disparity impacts medical studies.

Fewer Women Included in Clinical Trials, Leading to Disparity

Nicole Knight · June 14, 2019

Science shows the immune systems of men and women respond differently to disease. However, women remain underrepresented in medical research for vaccines, routine drugs and life-saving medications.

A photo of the valley to show the California fires air pollution and quality.

California Fires: Air Quality, Pollution, Toxic Devastation

Nicole Knight · December 5, 2018

A new government analysis of California’s 2018 wildfire season suggests the fires spewed carbon dioxide into the air, along with other pollutants dangerous to long-term health.

A portrait of a woman of color, in relation to the Reuters report showing Johnson & Johnson marketed baby powder to women of color.

J&J Marketed Baby Powder to Women of Color, Report Shows

Nicole Knight · May 1, 2019

An in-depth probe by Reuters revealed Johnson & Johnson intentionally marketed the flagship Baby Powder product to women of color, despite knowing its talcum powder came with a potential risk of ovarian cancer.

Women's Health
An illustration of an empty courtroom after biologist testifies at Talc Powder Trial.

Biologist Testified on Talc in Dying Woman's Lungs in California Trial

Nicole Knight · March 4, 2019

A biologist testified that asbestos in talcum powder was found in a dying woman's lungs, according to a recent California jury trial.

Legal Developments
A woman looking at pills, struggling among the Opioid Crisis in the United States

HHR: A Rights-Based Approach to the Opioid Epidemic in the United States

Nicole Knight · March 8, 2019

The opioid epidemic in the United States has claimed the lives of over 400,000 people between 1999 and 2017. One report argues that the nation can no longer view the epidemic as a criminal justice issue, and instead, must treat it as the health crisis it is.

Health Features
A doctor reading medical device problems research

Implant Files: A Hard Look at Medical Devices in America

Nicole Knight · February 20, 2019

The Implant Files, the product of a massive, nearly year-long investigation, have exposed glaring failures in medical device safety and governmental regulations intended to protect patients around the globe.

A photo of a cereal farmer's in field of wheat as blame falls to agrochemical giant in Monsanto Lasso France lawsuit.

Monsanto Held Liable for Cereal Farmer's Sickness in France

Nicole Knight · April 30, 2019

A French court sided with a cereal farmer who claimed Monsanto’s Lasso weedkiller made him sick, claiming the product’s label inadequately warned him of its risks.

Legal Developments
Photo of Field Sprayed with Roundup as lawsuits against Monsanto claim Roundup causes lymphoma.

What Happened in the First Trial Linking Monsanto's Roundup to Lymphoma

Nicole Knight · September 24, 2018

Johnson, who received a favorable $289-million verdict, claimed Monsanto had long known of the cancer risks of glyphosate but failed to warn consumers of the dangers.

Legal Developments
A photo of a pregnant woman holding her baby bump to demonstrate the way Essure Birth Control may lead to Unplanned Pregnancy.

Essure Birth Control May Result in Unplanned Pregnancy, Birth Injuries

Nicole Knight · October 5, 2018

An unknown number of women who had the permanent birth control implant Essure still became pregnant—in some cases, resulting in miscarriage or birth injuries.

Women's Health
A photo of a doctor making note of a patient's adverse event for reporting, which would be mandatory under the Medical Device Guardians Act.

Guardians Act Would Require Doctors to File Adverse Event Reports

Nicole Knight · June 4, 2019

A new bill was introduced in the House of Representatives, inspired by Dr. Amy Reed whose cancer was spread by a medical device called a power morcellator. The Medical Device Guardians Act would require doctors to report unsafe devices to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Legal Developments
A photo of a tractor in an agricultural field relating to the $78.5 million Roundup Monsanto verdict.

Monsanto Verdict Reduced to $78.5 Million, Chemo Brain May Affect Second Trial

Nicole Knight · November 5, 2018

A California judge has chopped a landmark $289-million jury verdict. The Monsanto Roundup verdict now sits at $78.5 million.

Legal Developments
Photo of hand holding globe to demonstrate global differences on drug approvals with FDA allowing drugs Outlawed in Europe.

3 Common U.S. Drugs Outlawed in Europe

Nicole Knight · October 24, 2018

The European Medicines Agency strictly regulates medications and consumer products. Americans taking popular drugs, such as Avandia, may not realize there are major differences between FDA and EMA approval.

FDA Regulation
Man Checks TrackMy Implant App To Get Updated On Medical Device Recalls

TrackMy Implants App Brings Transparency to Medical Device Recalls

Nicole Knight · March 28, 2019

An estimated 2,500 device recalls occurred in 2018 alone. As the gap between consumer awareness and reported medical device recalls continues to grow, the TrackMy Implants app helps consumers stay up to date on the dangers of their devices.

An American woman who experienced an opioid overdose

Older Women Are Overdosing on Opioids At Alarming Rates

Nicole Knight · February 13, 2019

American women are dying of opioid overdoses at a rate nearly five times higher than two decades ago, according to an alarming CDC report.

Photo of bowl of cheerios after weedkiller Roundup found in cereal, now concerns are raised about the cancer-causing nature of the herbicide.

Researchers Uncover Roundup in Cereal, But Does It Cause Cancer?

Nicole Knight · October 17, 2018

Researchers uncovered an alarming amount of the weed killer Roundup in cereal, raising food safety concerns about the presence of the cancer-causing chemical glyphosate.

Health Features
Illustration of stressed girl in America, where stress rates are rising to depict stress in the US.

The Effects of Stress in the U.S.

Nicole Knight · December 4, 2018

Americans feel more stressed out today than in recent history, which can aggravate existing medical conditions.

An illustration of an unhappy pharmacist to resemble pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions based on personal beliefs.

Drugstore Pharmacists Refuse to Fill Prescriptions Based on Beliefs

Nicole Knight · November 19, 2018

Civil rights lawyers are drawing attention to discrimination when pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception, hormones and other medications.

Photo of woman frowning because females face gender bias in health care.

How Gender Bias in Health Care Affects Women

Nicole Knight · October 19, 2018

Research is finally revealing how gender bias in health care affects the diagnosis and treatment of women’s chronic pain and other medical issues.

Women's Health
A woman putting birth control in her pocket after learning about Trump's birth control rules

Court Halts Trump's Contraception Rules Limiting Birth Control Access

Nicole Knight · January 23, 2019

A federal judge in Pennsylvania stepped in to halt a new Trump administration rule that was expected to limit women’s access to birth control nationwide.

A photo of a woman touching a breast implant wondering about textured breast implant cancer.

Researchers Find Higher Risk of Cancer With Textured Breast Implants

Nicole Knight · December 28, 2018

The FDA’s recent report reinforced the link between textured implants and cancer, showing that more women with textured implants are developing ALCL.

Women's Health