S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane

S. Nicole Lane is a freelance journalist based in the southside of Chicago where she covers women's health, the LGBTQ voice, arts, and entertainment. Her byline can be found in Playboy, Rewire News, i-D, Broadly and various other corners of the internet. She is also a visual artist who works with small-scale sculptures.

Latest MedTruth Work by S. Nicole Lane

Photo of a young woman pressing fingers to forehead to alleviate pain caused by early cataracts and LASIK

Early Cataracts and LASIK: Seeing the Link

S. Nicole Lane · January 22, 2020

Recent reports from young people who underwent LASIK and suffered cataracts in the years that followed have incited medical curiosity surrounding the link between the sight-improving surgery and the life-altering medical condition.

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Man institutionalized by the Baker Act looking out a window.

How Florida's Baker Act Impacts Suicide

S. Nicole Lane · January 16, 2020

The Baker Act allows for certain at-risk patients to be held involuntarily for up to 72 hours in a mental health facility. Though this law is meant to protect patients, many say resources provided to patients were inadequate upon leaving the facility.

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Photo of copper IUD to represent the female patients reporting cobalt toxicity from IUD contraceptive.

Patients Poisoned by Copper Toxicity Describe Neurological Impacts of IUD

S. Nicole Lane · January 13, 2020

Patients who suffered copper toxicity from IUD contraceptives recount the adverse mental health impacts they experienced, raising concern surrounding the safety of such devices.

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Photo of copper IUD to represent the female patients reporting cobalt toxicity from IUD contraceptive.

Patients Poisoned by Copper Toxicity Describe Neurological Impacts of IUD

S. Nicole Lane · January 13, 2020

Patients who suffered copper toxicity from IUD contraceptives recount the adverse mental health impacts they experienced, raising concern surrounding the safety of such devices.

Patient Stories
A patient being operated on by a robotic hernia surgery device.

Robotic Hernia Surgeries Cost More, But Are They Better?

S. Nicole Lane · December 11, 2019

Free hernia screenings may be used as an opportunity to show patients the da Vinci surgical robot, but concerns about the benefits and safety of robotic surgery remain.

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A photo of diverse women's hands to represent attention on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019 and AiRS Foundation Advocacy.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2019 Explores All Reconstruction Options

S. Nicole Lane · October 16, 2019

This October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MedTruth recognizes the AiRS Foundation, which supports cancer survivors by providing information and financial aid to those considering reconstruction. It's important to note that reconstruction isn't the only option. Some women are taking social media by storm, advising women to "choose flat."

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Photo of an Older Woman in Field As She Learns Symptoms of Menopause During World Menopause Awareness Month

Menopause: The Transition, the Truth and Why It Matters

S. Nicole Lane · October 7, 2019

While menopause typically occurs somewhere around age 51 in people with a cervix, many women experience the impacts of it before it happens and for years after. This October, the International Menopause Society in collaboration with the World Health Organization calls us to reflect on an important life transition that many refuse to speak openly about.

Women's Health
Rose with fingers representing female viagra drug which may not significantly improve low libido in women

Can 'Female Viagra' Treat Low Libido?

S. Nicole Lane · August 27, 2019

In 2010, a drug termed the "female Viagra" and marketed by the name "Addyi" was rejected by the FDA. Five years later, the administration approved it, despite unpromising pre-market trials and studies; However, low libido in females may require far more than a pill to fix.

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A photo of friends gathering to watch the HBO film Breast Men, which chronicles the invention of breast implants.

Friday Film: Breast Men, the Fate of an Industry Foreshadowed

S. Nicole Lane · August 23, 2019

Some thirty years after the first breast implant procedures, HBO set out to produce the film, "Breast Men." Though the piece does reflect the legal conflicts and health battles that breast implants would go on to create, its crude telling of such a sensitive topic struggles to withstand the test of time.

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A close-up photo of the eyes of two girls standing side-by-side, representing suicide as a potential side effect of LASIK surgery.

Is Suicide an Adverse Effect of LASIK Surgery?

S. Nicole Lane · August 20, 2019

Sudden and tragic deaths following a popular eye procedure may indicate that suicidality is an adverse effect of LASIK surgery. Many doctors now believe that the procedure may cause neurological issues that lead to suicidal ideation. Patients experiencing complications feel they were not properly warned.

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Photo of Frances Scott, who suffered cobalt toxicity after hip implants, and other advocates of Medical Device Problems group while they lobbied at the Capitol for the Medical Device Safety Act.

Cobalt Toxicity: The Poison in Her Hip Replacement

S. Nicole Lane · June 28, 2019

Frances was 39 when she had cobalt alloy hips implanted. Within weeks, her skin broke out in boils. Within months, she faced effects ranging from memory loss and visual disturbances to severe tinnitus and PTSD-like rage/anxiety attacks. The effects of cobalt toxicity on the brain are evident.

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A photo of hemp representing heavy metals in cannabis

Heavy Metals in Hemp Call for Greater Safety Standards

S. Nicole Lane · February 25, 2019

The 2018 Farm Bill will remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), which means that hemp will be an agricultural commodity.

A person sitting on the toilet suffering from symptoms of colorectal cancer

Debunking the 7 Most Common Colorectal Cancer Myths

S. Nicole Lane · March 31, 2019

Colorectal cancer, the second most common cancer killer in the United States, is widely misunderstood. This Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, we're debunking the biggest myths surrounding the condition.

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A photo of a woman's hand holding an orange that resembles an orange to represent how hernia mesh complications may lead to issues in sex life.

How Hernia Mesh and Vaginal Mesh Can Harm Your Sex Life

S. Nicole Lane · November 23, 2018

When hernia mesh fails or vaginal mesh erodes, a person's sex life may be changed forever.

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Photo of doctor talking to female patient about birth control while Essure sill sold in US despite risks.

Essure Still Sold to U.S. Women Through 2018, Despite Risks

S. Nicole Lane · September 13, 2018

Even though the device is no longer selling in other countries, Bayer, its manufacturer, will continue to offer Essure to women in the U.S.

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Photo of a man on a mountain considering alternative options for opioid addiction recovery.

3 Alternative Ways to Recover from Opioid Addiction

S. Nicole Lane · April 10, 2019

Acupuncture, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy are three recommended alternative methods for individuals recovering from opioid addiction.

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Photo of Gena and Chuck Norris at rally for gadolinium toxicity poisoning.

Gena and Chuck Norris Raise Awareness About Dangers of MRI Dye

S. Nicole Lane · September 11, 2018

Actor Chuck Norris and his wife Gena are speaking out about the effects of gadolinium toxicity poisoning, which may be caused by contrast agents used during MRIs.

A woman experiencing Essure Problems Symptoms

After the Bleeding Edge, Are Women Still Being Implanted with Essure?

S. Nicole Lane · February 26, 2019

Though Essure permanent birth control is no longer sold in the U.S. after 2019, women may still receive an implant from doctors who have the device in their inventory.

Women's Health
A young woman experiencing the painful effects of sexual assault.

Effects of Sexual Assault Are Source of Severe Health Problems

S. Nicole Lane · March 7, 2019

Effects of sexual assault in survivors of harassment and rape include PTSD, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety, kidney disease, aneurysms, and diabetes, among other illnesses. When gone unaddressed, these effects may worsen with time - affecting intimacy and quality of life.

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Close-up of pink pill in woman's mouth representing birth control risks of childhood leukemia

Birth Control Risks: Childhood Leukemia

S. Nicole Lane · March 7, 2019

A recent Danish study found that oral contraceptives, when taken under six months before conception or even during pregnancy, can be linked to an increased risk of childhood leukemia. These findings set a precedent for future studies on birth control risks.

Women's Health
An illustration of a sad female reproductive system after women experience LEEP for HPV complications.

A LEEP for HPV May Come with Unknown Consequences

S. Nicole Lane · November 28, 2018

Women undergoing a LEEP for HPV have been encountering a number of issues, including depression and discomfort.

Women's Health
A photo of a feminist protest to depict how Kavanugh confirmation may affect womens health.

How the Confirmation of Kavanaugh Could Affect Women's Health

S. Nicole Lane · October 4, 2018

The result is essential to the future of women’s health in the United States. If confirmed, Kavanaugh would be responsible for the lives of women all over the country.

A group of multiethnic women representing U.S. women's health

U.S. Ranks Last in Women's Health Report

S. Nicole Lane · January 17, 2019

A recent report compares the state of women's health in the 11 most wealthy nations. The U.S. ranked last, with women suffering from chronic disease, emotional stress and more.

Women's Health
Photo of a girl in a wheel chair who copes with a chronic illness hugging her partner, learning ways to cope with chronic illness.

Seeing Chronic Illness: Symptoms, Stigmas and Solutions

S. Nicole Lane · June 5, 2019

Approximately 133 million people in the United States suffer from a chronic illness according to a report by the National Health Council. By 2020, that number is estimated to hit 157 million. Unfortunately, these large numbers don't mean chronic illness is largely understood or widely acknowledged.

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Photo of male hand holding opioids as news surfaces on how Trump Opioid Legislation Plan will address the opioid crisis.

Understanding Trump's New Opioid Legislation

S. Nicole Lane · November 15, 2018

Last month, Donald Trump passed the Support for Patients and Communities Act, a new opioid legislation that attempts to confront an epidemic that killed 49,000 people last year.

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An abstract photo of a girl indicating women's health signs

9 Key Women's Health Signs to Watch

S. Nicole Lane · February 4, 2019

Breast changes, weight gain and bloating may all be symptoms of a greater issue. If you're experiencing any of these women's health signs, it may be time to visit a physician.

Women's Health
A photo of two women, one who is a cancer survivor, to demonstrate why it's important to learn about ovarian cancer.

Why We Still Aren’t Educated Enough on Ovarian Cancer

S. Nicole Lane · November 14, 2018

A recent report found that many women don’t know that much about ovarian cancer whatsoever.

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A photo of a woman holding pink birth control pills and wondering about Yaz side effects.

Are New Generations Unaware of Yaz Side Effects?

S. Nicole Lane · December 10, 2018

Young women taking birth control may not be informed about possible Yaz side effects, such as blood clots, heart attacks and gallbladder disease.

Women's Health
A man holding a PrEP pill wondering about Truvada side effects

Truvada, PrEP Medication for HIV, Linked to Side Effects

S. Nicole Lane · January 15, 2019

Truvada, a popular HIV prevention medication, has been linked to issues with kidneys and bones, among other side effects.

Photo of prescription pill bottles to represent how the Sackler Family contributes to Opioid Epidemic By Further Promoting Drugs.

Sackler Family Profited Off Opioid Epidemic, Creates New Drug to Treat It

S. Nicole Lane · September 22, 2018

The Sackler family owns Purdue Pharma, the company behind Oxycontin—the leading drug of abuse. Now, they're trying to treat it.

An illustration of women's fists in the air to support the Medical Device Safety Act.

How to Support the Medical Device Safety Act

S. Nicole Lane · September 20, 2018

The Medical Device Safety Act allows women affected by Essure to seek legal recourse and ensures medical device manufacturers are incentivized to maintain product safety.

Laws + Congress
A photo of a woman comforting a woman after recognizing signs and symptoms of breast implant illness.

Recognizing the Signs of Breast Implant Illness

S. Nicole Lane · April 25, 2019

Many patients with breast implant illness suffer from autoimmune symptoms, fatigue, fever, numbness and joint pain.

Women's Health
A photo of two people sitting in a museum, thinking about the Sackler family's part in the opioid crisis, which has caused museums to reject their donations.

Opioid Link Has Sackler Family Donations Declined By Museums

S. Nicole Lane · May 23, 2019

The Sackler family has profited for years from their personal connections to Purdue Pharma amid the opioid crisis. Now, esteemed museums like the Met, Tate Modern, and the Guggenheim decline the Sackler Family Donations following public backlash.

Legal Developments