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Ashley Lombardo

Ashley Lombardo is a reporter, editor and photographer currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She studied journalism and cultural anthropology with a focus on long-form, narrative, investigative features. In her spare time, she loves seeing live jazz and funk music.

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MT Weekly: Cannabis and Opioids, Artific...

Ashley Lombardo · April 13, 2018

In this week's MedTruth roundup, we highlight a bleeding antidote, developments in diabetes tech, and a study showing how medical cannabis might impact the opioid crisis.

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Joint replacement costs

Studies Show Optional Joint Replacements...

Ashley Lombardo · March 23, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Americans undergo joint replacements each year. But some of these procedures are unnecessary, leaving patients with serious side effects and costing the U.S. billions.

Research + Findings
Woman buying medicine online

How to Buy Medicine Online

Ashley Lombardo · February 24, 2018

Online pharmacies are cheap and convenient. But if you don't know how to buy medicine online, are internet pharmacies actually safe?

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A photo of a cell phone on a desk, representing MedTruth Weekly.

MT Weekly: Flu Kills 84 Kids, Senate Introduces Opioid Bill

Ashley Lombardo · February 17, 2018

In this week's MedTruth roundup, we highlight a Senate opioid bill, flu season's pediatric fatalities, and a nursing home report on overprescription.

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Woman holding pills representing CDC Funding Shortage

CDC Funding Shortage May Lead to Global Pandemic

Ashley Lombardo · February 13, 2018

The CDC funding is about to run out, and 39 countries will be left with no way to study or treat illness that could potentially have global repercussions.

Toilet with plunger representing bowel problems after hernia mesh surgery

5 Signs You Have Hernia Mesh Complications

Ashley Lombardo · April 25, 2018

More than one million hernia repairs are performed each year. After a hernia mesh surgery, a non-healing wound may develop and the following surgeries could require longer recovery times. Here's how to identify the most common hernia mesh complications.

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Elderly man worried about nursing home abuse

7 Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Ashley Lombardo · March 8, 2018

1 in 3 nursing home residents is abused or neglected. Protect our nation's nursing home residents by learning more about the seven different types of elder abuse.

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Man holding chest, representing St. Jude Medical Defibrillator Recall

FDA Issues St. Jude Medical Defibrillator Recall

Ashley Lombardo · February 6, 2018

The FDA issued an updated safety warning for certain defibrillation devices with faulty batteries. The defibrillator recall attempts to protect patients from a stopped heart.

FDA Regulation
Pile of Xarelto pills for new Xarelto sses

Manufacturers Submit Application For New Xarelto Uses

Ashley Lombardo · February 3, 2018

Despite no antidote for its severe side effects, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, parented by Johnson & Johnson, has submitted an FDA application for two new Xarelto uses.

FDA Regulation
A photo of an elderly man's hand wearing a Fitbit, in conjunction with an unpictured Sano Patch for diabetes.

Fitbit Invests $6 Million in Wearable Sano Patch for Diabetes

Ashley Lombardo · January 31, 2018

Fitbit and Sano, two San Francisco tech companies, are developing the wearable, minimally invasive Sano patch to measure blood sugar for diabetics.